Cloud Financial Management for Amazon Web Services

Accelerate cloud initiatives

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Key benefits

Save 20%+ on annual AWS spend

Allocate 100% of AWS costs

Free up 25+ hours a month

Accelerate cloud migrations

Achieve 90%+ Reserved Instances & Savings Plans coverage

Calculate cloud TCO

Accelerate innovation with financial confidence

Cloudability and Amazon Web Services (AWS) together accelerate cloud initiatives by increasing financial confidence in cloud spend and enabling organizations to better demonstrate the business value of AWS.

Organizations need to be confident in their AWS spend to make decisions about the cloud that will allow them to meet business objectives. Yet many struggle to get transparency into the fully-burdened costs of cloud resources across accounts and cloud providers. This complexity makes it difficult to allocate spend to consumers, resulting in teams that lack a unified approach for communicating and managing cloud costs. When finance, technology, and business teams have visibility and can effectively communicate on cloud costs, it unblocks opportunities for migrations and adoption of new cloud services.

Drive the complete cloud adoption journey with AWS and Apptio

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Cloudability is a cloud financial management solution built to help AWS customers allocate, monitor, and optimize cloud costs across their business.

Cloudability enables distributed IT, finance, and business teams to fully embrace the fifth pillar of the AWS Well-Architected Framework — cost optimization — by providing unique capabilities such as support for multiple management accounts and integrated fully-burdened costs throughout the platform.

Create visibility & trust

Enable team ownership of AWS costs
  • Analyze fully-burdened costs in near real-time by integrating custom pricing and amortizing RIs and Savings Plans.
  • Allocate 100% of costs, including containers, support, and shared services.
  • Communicate the value of cloud at the application and BU level by mapping costs to custom business dimensions.
  • Establish budgets and predict future spend with ML-driven forecasts.

Optimize resources & save on cloud

Rightsize AWS spend and plan commitments
  • Save over 20% on annual cloud spend with intelligent optimization recommendations.
  • Rightsize resources based on CPU, memory, network, and storage needs.
  • Achieve more than 90% RI and Savings Plan coverage with end-to-end reservation planning, including exchanges and modification.
  • Detect and remedy spend anomalies with real-time notifications.

Mature your cloud center of excellence

Continuously improve the unit economics of AWS
  • Automate best practices for cost optimization and data hygiene.
  • Simplify organization-wide. chargeback/showback.
  • Benchmark across teams and against peers.
  • Streamline business workflows and ingest best-in-class source data with Jira, Datadog, and New Relic integrations.

Hear from our customers

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OLX uses Cloudability to make better decisions about purchasing RIs, achieving 96% utilization of RIs and 80% coverage.
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Securian used Cloudability to convince stakeholders to adopt a new VPC pattern, reducing spend by $200,000 annually.
nreca logo black - AWS Partner Detail - Apptio
NRECA saved $5 million enterprise-wide leveraging Cloudability recommendations.

Apptio solutions powered by AWS

Apptio’s suite of solutions, powered by AWS, enables a clearer picture of your full technology spend. Our solutions offer a united platform with comprehensive reporting and dynamic dashboards to help you accelerate decision-making, increase accountability for costs, and prove value to stakeholders.

Apptio runs on AWS and consumes:

IBM Apptio Costing

Baseline all IT spend for migration planning and operational success.
For when you need to:

Run IT like a business and justify new tech investments.

  • Key Features:
  • Optimize app TCO
  • Rationalize service portfolio
  • Manage business unit consumption


Optimize costs and confidence to maximize AWS investments.
For when you need to:

Maximize cloud investment value.

  • Key Features:
  • Allocate costs
  • Enable team ownership
  • Optimize cloud spend


Manage costs and scale Agile product development.
For when you need to:

Scale Agile governance and measure productivity value.

  • Key Features:
  • Track costs and value brought by Agile teams
  • Manage traditional and Agile product data
  • Implement portfolio-level Agile planning

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