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Managing value from technology investments is the most important part of Technology Business Management (TBM). The current unprecedented pace of innovation and use of digital technology calls for a new way of managing IT as a business. Apptio and Accenture have entered into a strategic partnership to help companies to increase their return on IT investments enabled by TBM.

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Benefits we deliver

Technology Business Management

Apptio and Accenture support companies’ IT top management to establish best-in-class IT performance management capabilities using Technology business management (TBM) methodology to maximize value from technology spend, optimize IT costs and foster IT/digital transformation.

Cloud First with FinOps

Accenture helps companies establish and adopt the FinOps target model, enable it with such tool as Apptio Cloudability, manage the transition to FinOps best practices, and optimize the Cloud spend.

Agile Value Stream Management

Accenture Business Agility together with Apptio Targetprocess provides the support and tooling to enable the transition to agile business processes and manage the Agile investments. Supporting the complete end to end lifecycle, from idea to roll out to optimization.

Cloud Migration and Innovation

As part of the Accenture myNav Cloud Platform, Apptio provides critical capabilities to build fast financial business cases, plan migrations to the cloud and measure the outcomes across all private and public cloud providers. Apptio Cloudability can be showcased via the ACIC network (Accenture Cloud Innovation Center).

What our customers say

Accenture and Apptio improved the timeliness of our Cloud Cost reporting from 1 month to 1 hour.

With Apptio IT planning and budgeting implemented by Accenture we reduced our quarterly IT planning and forecasting cycle by 6+ weeks and transformed our IT budgeting practices.

Accenture powered by Apptio's TBM tool delivered value creation initiatives worth 15-20% of addressable IT OPEX.

The Technology Business Management platform based on Apptio enabled us to get much clear picture on IT spend and transform our IT planning and forecasting process making it transparent and granular, less time consuming as well as reducing our quarterly efforts by more than six weeks.

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