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Apptio Achieves Cloud Financial Management Distinction in AWS Cloud Operations Competency

Bellevue, WA—April 13, 2023—Apptio, a leading technology spend and value management company, announced today that it achieved the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Operations Competency in the Cloud Financial Management category. The new AWS Cloud Operations Competency allows customers to select validated AWS Partners who offer comprehensive solutions with an integrated approach across all five solution areas of Cloud Operations: Cloud Financial Management, Cloud Governance, Monitoring and Observability, Compliance and Auditing, and Operations Management. As an AWS Cloud Operations Competency Partner, Apptio has demonstrated expertise in helping customers build a strong and scalable foundation for their end-to-end Cloud Operations. Apptio Cloudability is a market-leading cloud cost management FinOps solution that helps customers optimize and manage their cloud and container services.

“Achieving the AWS Cloud Operations Competency further validates Apptio Cloudability’s proven track record as a comprehensive solution in the Cloud Financial Management and FinOps market,” said Jeremy Ung, Chief Technology Officer, Apptio. “We are dedicated to continued innovation with AWS, and helping our customers achieve their business transformation and operational goals.”

IT Operations are at the heart of every organization. It can be time-consuming and challenging for customers to determine the best way to set up their organization for operational excellence. Without the right model for operating at cloud scale, organizations can struggle to balance their needs for security, compliance, and operational safety with their responsibility to boost innovation, speed, and agility. Builders can run into inefficient and siloed application development, difficult deployments that result in errors, and downtime in mission-critical applications. Many of these issues are caused by focusing on one area of Cloud Operations over others resulting in them missing the opportunity to generate a larger ROI during their digital transformation. AWS Cloud Operations Competency Partners have proven customer success in delivering solutions to help customers set up, build, migrate, and operate securely and efficiently with an integrated approach to Cloud Operations.

By leveraging Apptio Cloudability, Securian Financial Group was able to accelerate their cloud transformation to support their current and future cloud business needs. “An important part of our cloud strategy is to ensure cloud usage spend is well managed, and to do that, we knew it was important to have insight into how cloud spend tracks and forecasts,” said Aaron Murray, senior manager, cloud center of excellence at Securian Financial. “We knew cost optimization was one of the pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework, and we knew we needed modern capabilities and a team that would help us with financial management in a multi-cloud environment.”

The AWS Cloud Operations Competency differentiates AWS Partner Network (APN) members with significant expertise in providing cross functional guidance across the five solution areas of Cloud Operations. Apptio follows AWS best practices and has proven experience in Cloud Financial Management and FinOps. With Apptio Cloudability, customers can organize and track cloud cost and usage, implement cost controls, plan better through budgeting and forecasting, and further improve cost efficiency with resource utilization and purchase strategy optimizations.

AWS is enabling scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions from startups to global enterprises. To support the seamless integration and deployment of these solutions, AWS established the AWS Competency Program to help customers identify AWS Partners with deep industry experience and expertise.

Learn more about Apptio Cloudability and the recently launched Cloudability Government with FedRAMP authorization, a FinOps solution that helps public sector organizations make data-driven decisions about cloud investments across all major cloud service providers.

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Apptio is a leading technology spend and value management company for financial and operational decisions across Information Technology (IT), multi-cloud FinOps, and portfolio development resources. Apptio’s mission is to deliver business value with every technology investment. Powered by Apptio’s cloud platform and AI/ML data engine, Apptio’s SaaS applications translate technology costs into clear business outcomes and financial ROI. Apptio applications deliver six key capabilities: cost transparency, actionable insights, planning and forecasting, usage and consumption, value management, and showback/chargeback. As a trusted leader in FinOps and Technology Business Management (TBM) with thousands of customers worldwide, Apptio empowers leaders to cut costs and redirect investments to cloud innovation and digital transformation.

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