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Apptio Targetprocess is Visual Software for Scaled Agile Framework Covering Portfolio, Program & Team Agile Practices

What is Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)?

Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe) helps organizations address the significant challenges of developing and delivering enterprise-class technology-based solutions with high quality and fast time-to-market. SAFe provides guidance with proven success patterns on the Portfolio, Large Solution and Essential levels for achieving business agility.

Apptio Targetprocess is software built specifically to help mid-size and large enterprises implement the Scaled Agile Framework across the entire organization and adopt Lean-Agile principles at scale. The system is easily set up for the SAFe configuration that you follow – from Essential SAFe to Portfolio and Full SAFe. Moreover, for companies undergoing a transition period the solution can be adapted for a custom configuration of SAFe to support both agile and traditional teams, and help them gradually switch to company-wide business agility.

Full SAFe Ready

The Apptio Targetprocess software delivers customizable solutions to the problems of managing value delivery in an enterprise of any size based on using SAFe. Our built-in views, reports, and dashboards provide a comfortable starting point no matter the stage you are at in the SAFe implementation Roadmap. Apptio Targetprocess allows you to holistically visually prioritize, follow and operate your work based on Scaled Agile values and principles – so you can quickly and continuously deliver value to your customers.

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The Fast Track Guide to SAFe Implementation

The Fast Track Guide to SAFe Implementation is a “get things going” handbook that will help organizations run a SAFe pilot program, identify the challenges, and set realistic goals for launching a strong SAFe implementation.

Portfolio Level

The Portfolio level is where strategy is aligned with execution and where solution development is organized around the flow of value through one or more value streams. Here Lean Portfolio Management, Epic Owners and Enterprise Architects prioritize the work and coordinate the flow of value through Solution- and Agile Release Trains (ARTs) by funding them using Participatory Budgeting within Lean Budget Guardrails.

Apptio Targetprocess provides options to visually follow the flow of Portfolio Epics in real time — from ideation to delivery — and link these strategic initiatives all the way to the teams doing the work. The system allows to see Portfolio reports, metrics, and dashboards with a holistic summary of work while supporting interactive drill-down views that provide transparency into the status of work at any level.

Large Solution Level

Large Solution SAFe is meant for enterprises that face the biggest challenges — building large-scale solutions that are beyond the scope of a single ART to develop. Solution Trains are used to coordinate the efforts of multiple ARTs and suppliers. Solution Train Engineers (STEs), Solution Management and Solution Architects together coordinate the delivery of business solutions by the Solution Train and its ARTs.

Apptio Targetprocess is the Scaled Agile Framework software that assists with the STE’s goal of aligning people with work and guiding them toward the completion of the wider organization’s needs. The tool also supports Solution Management’s goal to maintain the solution vision and Roadmap, define work-items (capabilities and enablers) and guide the work through the solution Kanban.

Essential Level

Essential SAFe contains the minimal set of roles, events, and artifacts required to continuously deliver business solutions via an Agile Release Train (ART) as a Team of Agile Teams.

The Agile Release Train is a sophisticated metaphor for a virtual organization that allows the continuous flow of value through the combination of teams, roles, and activities directed at continuous, aligned and integrated value delivery.

Release Train Engineers (RTEs) steer the train by (among other things) facilitating regularly scheduled Program Increment (PI) planning events to align teams on goals with a shared vision.

By using a common cadence of development, RTEs foster an environment where the ARTs they manage can accomplish Portfolio-level achievements, while maintaining speed, quality and focus.

Our Scaled Agile software supplies functionality for managing Features with the ability to rank them using Weighted Shortest Job First (WSJF) to build a cross-team backlog. RTEs use Apptio Targetprocess to collaborate on a plan with, and track dependencies across teams using shared views that eliminate the need for messy physical representations. Reports and views in our SAFe tool provide invaluable insights for furthering relentless improvement.

Apptio Targetprocess for Teams

Apptio Targetprocess is the Scaled Agile Framework software that allows Team Members and its stakeholders to see their and other team’s work completed in real time with full control over Team-specific Workflow States. Important metrics like effort estimates, team velocity, WIP and cycle time are beautifully visualized and easily exploited to provide invaluable insights for continuous improvement. Scrum, Kanban, and a plethora of combinations are easily supported. A variety of optional Team Level features provide means for teams to implement their team’s ScrumXP practices. The Apptio Targetprocess SAFe agile software has full support for Functional and User Acceptance Testing (FT & UAT) as well as related Request or Incident Management.

If your teams are already using a different team-level agile work management system such as Atlassian Jira or Microsoft Azure, read on to find out how the Apptio Targetprocess software connects, collects and synchronizes data with all major Agile and DevOps tools.

Request a demo and see how Apptio Targetprocess can help you accurately plan, track, and forecast investments for agile or hybrid delivery.

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