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Economic uncertainty. Tightening budgets. Shifting priorities. Through all of this, you’re being asked to invest in digital transformation—while your tech budget is under increased scrutiny. You’re being forced to ruthlessly prioritize, but how can you do so without stifling innovation?

With Apptio, you can identify opportunities to immediately reduce costs by:

  • Rethinking vendor relationships
  • Reducing business-unit consumption
  • Rationalizing infrastructure and applications

Don't take our word for it...

1 Accelerate and thrive in rapidly changing environments

React quickly to direct resources to initiatives that mitigate uncertainty. You can’t predict the future, but you can prepare for it.

We were spending 90% of our time aggregating data and 10% of our time analyzing it. With Apptio we can spend more time investigating variances and making recommendations to optimize spend.

Addison PaigeDirector of IT Financial Operations, Northwell Health

2 Ensure every dollar invested delivers value

Understand which investments drive the most impact so you can define when and where to alter consumption and cut costs.

We’ve been able to take $5 million of cost out of the company, correcting the prior model that drove the wrong behavior around server choices.

James PleisIT Finance Lead, Global IT, Cargill

3 Unify distributed technology owners to maximize business decisions

Drive alignment across your organization with a shared vision and fact-based decisions that ensure future success.

We managed not only to get full insight into the usage and costs, but also a common language where all departments—technology, business, and finance—were able to communicate and get on the same page.

Sascha CurthHead of Cloud Economics and Governance, OLX

4 Turn your data into your strongest asset

You don’t need perfect data to start using it to your advantage. Apptio mines what you have to identify actionable insights, create clarity, and set the stage for conversations about crucial improvements.

Use the data that you do have and capture the value you’ve created with that data. As you capture the little value, they start to snowball into bigger and bigger value, and those turn into bigger and bigger wins.

Kelley WendelbornSr. Manager of TBM, Lowe's

5 Pave the way for durable growth

Fortify your digital transformation and ensure resiliency by focusing your efforts on innovation that gives you a competitive edge.

We’ve reduced the time it takes to analyze cloud costs by 90% and reinvested savings into more services that drive our modernization faster.

Business Solutions Cloud Platform LeaderKoch

Learn How to Do More with Less

React to shifting market conditions while establishing a foundation for durable growth.

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Refocus, Refine, Replan: Toolkits for Whatever Lies Ahead

Unlock the business value of your technology investments to adapt, thrive, and maintain your competitive edge. These toolkits provide strategies for proactively managing your tech budget, accelerating decision-making, and strategically reducing costs.

I'm a technology executive
who needs to...

  • React quickly to economic uncertainty
  • Partner with the business when priorities shift
  • Adapt to changing markets
  • Proactively replan my tech budget
  • Accelerate decision-making

Budget Replanning Toolkit

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My team's top priorities
are to...

  • Reduce costs quickly and strategically
  • Communicate the business value of technology
  • Optimize cloud investments and visibility
  • Protect high-value investments
  • Reduce portfolio clutter

Cost Optimization Toolkit

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