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Compare your costs.
Know where you stand.



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Affirm spend, substantiate decisions, and identify areas for improvement through peer comparisons.


Validate spending levels

with a trending view of actuals vs. self-selected peer benchmarks.


Show efficiency, justify budget

using relevant, credible benchmark data as objective reference points.


Continuously improve

by identifying areas of risk, setting targets and monitoring progress.

Before we can decide where to take out costs or make an investment, it's vital that we justify the decision based on accurate cost, consumption, and performance benchmarks. Sharing IT benchmarks with our business partners establishes trust that we're going to help them make the best investment decision.

Amy Brady

CIO, EVP Technology and Operations, KeyBank

Select Peers
Data Confidence
Justify current IT spend and defend budgets
Stop relying on yesterday's benchmark comparisons for today's decisions
  • Compare actual IT costs to benchmarks side-by-side on demand.
  • Explore variance drivers with instant access to underlying actuals.
  • Set targets and track progress with trending comparisons.
Understand how you compare to self-selected peers
Quit comparing apples to oranges
  • Choose and adjust the peer group that fits your organization.
  • Select by industry, revenue, and geography and discover the effects of scale.
  • Compare against companies of similar spend characteristics.
Explore and uncover insights to inform better decisions
Escape the confines of static benchmark comparisons
  • Access the full benchmark data set and understand how each metric is calculated.
  • Know where you stand versus the best and worst in class with box plot distributions for each data point.
  • Conduct alternate scenario analysis with flexibility to adjust peer benchmarks and estimate actuals.
Build confidence with trusted benchmark data
Stop questioning the relevancy of your benchmark data
  • Peer costs are based on a standard taxonomy.
  • Data is sourced from trusted partners and the Apptio Community.
  • Benchmark data is refreshed twice yearly.

Apptio IT Benchmarking is made for you

Office of the CIO

Demonstrate alignment and value of IT investments to business goals.

Justify IT spend and demonstrate efficiency based on peer benchmarks.

Support scenario planning by comparing options against relevant peers.

Infrastructure & Operations

Identify areas of inefficient spend by comparing unit costs against peer benchmarks.

Optimize IT costs by setting benchmark-informed unit cost targets.

Compare progress toward unit cost targets with monthly refreshes of actual costs

IT Finance

Validate IT costs based on spending characteristics.

Evaluate annualized actual IT costs side-by-side with benchmarks.

Avoid the disruption and churn of traditional consultant-delivered benchmarks. 

Balance service capacity &

capability against costs & agility  

Finding cost efficiencies

in IT delivery 

Dive deeper into your costs

with Apptio IT Benchmarking 

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