Is Apptio Right For You?

Apptio Technology Business Management (TBM) software is a suite of cloud applications that gives you the facts needed to make faster business-aligned decisions, improve efficiency, and communicate value. Today, a diverse group of companies – from titans like Cisco, Microsoft and Bank of America to successful enterprises like First American, Navistar and Equifax – rely on Apptio to manage the business of IT. But is Apptio right for you?

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Interested in learning more about how to run IT as a business? See how Apptio can help you address the symptoms below

1. You have trouble defending the costs of IT to your business partners.

2. Your IT financial analysts take too long to provide the facts needed to make important tradeoff decisions.

3. You’re being asked to do more with less.

4. Your people speak IT while corporate finance and business partners speak different languages.

5. You can’t tell if you’re spending too much or too little on IT, including growth and innovation.

6. You spend the majority of your budget on running the business, keeping the lights on, or business as usual.

7. Your business partners don’t feel accountable for the IT costs they drive.

8. You give your business partners choices of applications and technologies, but not clear choices of costs.

Don’t wait! The time has never been better to start with Apptio. We have developed an accelerated approach to deploying and using our software. We address your unique situation – your data, your team’s skills, your business requirements – so you can get started quickly. In fact, we’ll give you powerful reports that help you defend your IT costs in just 90 days. With Apptio, the risks are low and the rewards are very high.