A Business Management System for Modern IT Leaders


Apptio pioneered the discipline of Technology Business Management (TBM) and is the premier provider of TBM SaaS applications.

The Modern IT Leader

Modern IT leaders manage their business with the same data-driven accuracy, financial transparency, and process discipline as their corporate peers in sales, manufacturing, marketing, human resources, and finance.

Similar to their peers (such as sales with salesforce.com), modern IT leaders rely on a purpose-built business system to manage their portfolio of services, applications, infrastructure, and end-user compute. They manage their projects, labor, and vendors efficiently to deliver quality IT services to the business on time, on budget, and at price points competitive to third party alternatives.

A Command of the Facts

Modern IT leaders use facts to collaborate on the tradeoffs needed to maximize business value. Cost-only conversations become a thing of the past.

Modern IT leaders:
  • Manage CapEx/OpEx, Fixed/Variable, CtB/RtB, Direct/Indirect
  • Manage cost and variance for Plan/Build and Run activities
  • Manage IT internally with these metrics on a monthly basis
  • Communicate IT cost, utilization, and value metrics monthly with key business stakeholders
  • Make technology business decisions in near real time
So they can answer questions such as:
  • What does it cost to run my business and how does that compare to my peers?
  • What is the total cost to provide an IT product or service?
  • What and how much are my customers consuming?
  • Where can I trade between quality, consumption, capacity, and cost?
  • How can I align my resources for the future?
  • What levers of consumption can I expose to my business unit partners?

A Strategic Management
System for IT

Like their corporate peers, modern IT leaders use an enterprise business management system. They realized that the rapid pace of change, complexity, and data intensity of IT rendered traditional tools insufficient. Corporate financial systems, ERP, BI, spreadsheets, and ITSM software don’t connect the dots between finance, technology, and business value. Modern IT leaders tried to leverage these existing investments and even built their own homegrown solutions with no success. These systems were not purpose-built to manage the business of IT.

"Technology Business Management is a key ingredient to helping CIOs manage the business of IT and provide transparency into the cost of IT services to business leaders."
Rebecca Jacoby, SVP & CIO, Cisco

Apptio is the leading provider of Technology Business Management (TBM) SaaS applications designed to manage IT like a true business function. These software applications are purpose-built to solve the pervasive challenges that exist in merging financial, technology, and operational data to deliver improved analytics, automate key processes, and demonstrate business value. Over 200 IT organizations worldwide, including 35% of the Fortune 100, such as Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, and American Express, use Apptio to calculate the true cost of their applications and services, and dramatically improve the decision-making that happens every day across all aspects of the IT supply chain.