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Optimize IT investments.
Drive greater efficiency.



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Optimize and align your vendor portfolio spend, performance, and contract terms to IT strategy.


Optimize vendor spend

with an integrated view of accounts payable data and contract details.


Improve vendor performance

by comparing contracted SLAs to service quality.


Proactively manage contracts

by identifying redundancies and upcoming expirations.

We have a lot of vendors we do business with, and one thing we need to do is balance IT spend with achieving the right value from each of them. I see Apptio Vendor Insights as a healthy, ongoing value add, giving us confidence that we are spending our money wisely.

Neville Hamilton

VP of Technology Business, Subway


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Optimize vendor spend and performance
Avoid overpaying for contracted and outsourced services
  • Optimize vendor spend by surfacing outliers and redundancies.
  • Identify vendor spend occurring outside of purchase order process.
  • Manage vendor service performance based on contract SLAs.
Optimize vendor contract terms and rates
Eliminate redundancies and avoid unwanted auto-renewals
  • Proactively manage contracts renewals and expirations.
  • Strengthen vendor negotiations and consolidate redundant contracts.
  • Optimize additional resource charge (ARC) and reduced resource credit (RRC) unit variances.

Apptio Vendor Insights is made for you

Vendor Management

Optimize vendor portfolio by identifying non-strategic vendors for consolidation.

Avoid over/under spend to meet agreed upon minimum spend commitments.

Prepare for contract renegotiations with usage and cost data.

Apps & Services 

Identify contracts to consolidate and retire redundant apps.

Manage vendor service performance based on contract SLAs.

Manage vendor spend variance with planned PO spend versus invoice spend.

Office of the CIO

Align spend to IT strategy by understanding cost and variance trends of top vendors.

Improve vendor management by identifying spend occurring outside of the PO process.

Make vendor lifecycle decisions with cost and usage data.

A Lifecycle

Approach to IT

Vendor Portfolios

3 ways to optimize &

align your vendor portfolio

to your IT strategy 

How cost transparency

drives digital business to

ensure Subway stays fresh

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