Scale Out TBM Capabilities with Seamlessly Connected Data

We’ve made updates to help you get even more value — faster — out of your Apptio solutions.

A strength of the TBM discipline is the number of on-ramps you can take to start. Your organization’s TBM journey may begin with core technology financials; others may begin with cloud-specific financial management. But as you mature your TBM practice and embrace new TBM domains, we want to ensure your new on-ramps share common data with your old ones.  

 We’re excited to share new innovations to the Apptio portfolio to help you get more value out of our products. With these changes, our products will work together even more seamlessly, so you can accelerate your TBM journey. 

Automated Data Management (ADM): Seamless data sharing 

Now, you can build faster data connections in your TBM practice by sharing data across your Apptio solutions. Less time wrangling data means more using your data to take action. Automation is the key.  

Automated Data Management is a publish/subscribe service that enables Apptio products to share data. Applications can publish their data to the bus, the communication system that transfers data, and subscribe to it to be notified when new data is available. This will first be implemented for the Cost and Plan sides of IBM Apptio, where new actuals from the Cost side are ingested by the Plan side as soon as they’re available for quick variance analysis or new plan creation. This service will also be extended to Cloudability and Targetprocess ensuring the most current data is available across your portfolio for all reporting, analytics, and planning.  

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Targetprocess integration to ADM: Insights across work and finance management  

Time-tracking and project boundaries are fragile frameworks for understanding the work of your Agile teams. There is a place for them in project-based work, but they aren’t work and finance management tools for workstreams that must be regularly adjusted and reprioritized. Your work management tool and finance management tool needs to be as agile as your workstreams.  

With an anticipated general availability in early Q3, ingesting Apptio Targetprocess data into Automated Data Management will simplify the process of factoring labor demand and capacity decisions made in Targetprocess to IBM Apptio’s overall planning and budget tools. This integration will enable near real-time updates on accurate labor capitalization data and the ability to reflect the current demand and capacity. By onboarding Targetprocess data into the ADM service, IBM Apptio will be able to manage the financial implications of work management changes. This improves decision-making and helps you accurately plan from sprint to sprint.  

Apptio is constantly innovating by broadening our portfolio of solutions. The work to unify our customers’ experience, and simplify data shares between all solutions, becomes vital as we develop more TBM on-ramps. By prioritizing a seamless connection between data, people, and activities, we are ensuring that your teams across finance, technology, and the business can use the TBM discipline to keep innovating too.   

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