Manage The Business of IT with An Enterprise-Class Solution

Business expectations for IT have never been higher. Innovate. Support growth. Reduce costs. Manage risk. How can you meet these conflicting mandates? Like your executive peers, you need a business system that gives you, your people and your customers the facts for collaborating on decisions.


Apptio gives you a single source of truth for creating transparency, benchmarking costs, improving business alignment and streamlining planning.


Understand and manage IT spending and unit costs

View spend by major areas, trends, consumption and variances from finance, IT, service and business unit perspectives.

Compare and demonstrate IT efficiency

Compare spending, unit costs and other metrics on a regular basis to industry peers to demonstrate and drive efficiency.

Analyze and improve IT performance and cost effectiveness

Integrate cost data with utilization, performance, vendors and other elements for better decisions and accountability.

Give your business a clear view of their costs and consumption

Automate showback or chargeback with interactive and defensible views of cost and consumption.

Plan resources and set budgets according to business demand

Streamline budgeting and forecasting processes and improve understanding of business demand and consumption.

Rely on the most flexible platform for Technology Business Management

Overcome data quality problems while streamlining data management, visually modeling costs and consumption and enabling self-service reporting.