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Migrate confidently to the cloud

Successful cloud migrations begin with informed planning and a cloud-smart mindset.

Cloudability Shift connects on-prem costs and commitments to forecasted cloud costs and compares plans across major cloud providers – enabling your team to define the target end state that best suits your business objectives and build a defensible migration plan. Designed to enable informed, flexible migration planning, Cloudability Shift allows organizations to move fast, spend wisely, and maximize the ROI of their cloud strategy.

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Cloudability Shift is a cloud financial management solution, designed to help you analyze, plan, and track migrations to the public cloud with:

  • Customizable migration analysis
  • Optimized and flexible migration planning
  • Automated tracking and reporting

By 2025


of infrastructure strategies will integrate on-premises, colocation, cloud and edge delivery options, compared with 20% in 2020.

Analyze migration scenarios

Creating a migration strategy begins by understanding your total cost of ownership for on-prem resources and forecasted cloud costs. Model and compare workload migration scenarios, balancing on-prem commitments, business objectives, and cost impacts to develop a clear and defensible migration plan.

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Cloudability Shift Refine Your Plan - Cloudability Shift - Apptio

Refine your plan

Migrations rarely go as planned. Minimize organizational risk and cost over-run by adapting your migration strategy to your changing needs. Adjust variables in real time to continuously refine your plan, remaining conscious of cost and schedule impact while leveraging ongoing analysis to optimize workloads.

Track and communicate progress

Effective tracking can provide key stakeholders clarity and confidence as an organization migrates to the cloud. Track planned costs against your cloud actuals throughout – and after – your move. Drill into cost drivers to maximize the ROI of your migration strategy and detect variances as they arise for greater cost and operational efficiency.

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