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Apptio CEO Sunny Gupta discusses a recent article on how many federal CIOs are not earning passing grades on their FITARA report cards.
Annual budget variance causes turbulence for every IT organization. Take steps to fix it to avoid end of year surprises.
Apptio Cloud Cost Management provides IT leaders with clarity into total public cloud spending to drive accountability, optimization, and efficient utilization.
The fifth annual TBM Council Awards Gala brought together over 1,300 IT leaders to honor six organizations for their outstanding solutions delivered through TBM.
YOU are driving digital innovation in the new economy. That was the message Sunny Gupta delivered at TBMC17 in Las Vegas.
What do IT leaders at the world’s most profitable companies have in common? Find out how IT leaders spend their tech dollars to earn 20% higher profits.
CIOs earn business by delighting end users with innovative solutions, while cutting costs and keeping everyone out of trouble. BMC's Jon Hunter shares how.
Improving a never-ending hamster wheel of requests and re-allocations requires an ability to measure IT execution against business strategy.
Has your IT cost management relationship become dysfunctional? It’s time to move on.
The promise of a well-architected IT financial management (ITFM) program is gaining traction for many organizations as they work to identify and control costs and...
To start getting value from your cloud migration, think about the shift as many smaller movements. Each ‘mini-migration’ will help you validate your path.
Special guest, Peter Gyrdgaard from Deloitte Consulting, explains why IT finance leaders need a better way to communicate IT costs.
More organizations are moving to cloud, but business barriers remain. Use this pragmatic approach to overcome challenges and increase your cloud usage.
Service owners need to advocate for a service portfolio that the business actually uses.
Organizations optimize their IaaS footprint by aligning spend to a business outcome.
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