Fact-Based Decisions


Understand Costs and KPIs to Drive More Value with Your Technology Business

Make better decisions that drive business value by understanding the true cost and consumption of IT resources.

Understand IT Costs & KPIs

Real-Time Analytics in One Place
  • Know the true cost of applications, services, and infrastructure
  • Identify outliers and investigate what’s driving them
  • Spot trends and monitor changes over time

Make Better Decisions, Faster

Replace Assumptions with Facts
  • Make decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information
  • Accelerate initiatives and business cases for investment
  • Focus the conversation on action and outcome, not emotion

Single Source of Truth

Cost Data that IT, Finance, and the Business Can Understand and Trust
  • Bring finance and operational data together in a shared context
  • Explain and defend allocations down to the individual transaction
  • Eliminate inconsistencies and inaccuracies in data analysis

Spend Less Time Wrestling Data

Automate Monthly IT Cost Analytics, from Data Collection to Reports
  • Streamline financial reporting cycles from weeks to hours
  • Focus more on analysis and insights
  • Respond quickly to questions about IT costs


Apptio Cost Transparency: Accelerate Fact-Based Decisions

Understand IT Costs & KPIs to Drive More Value


Based on Industry Standards

A Standard Cost Model based on an Industry Approved Taxonomy
  • Pre-built cost model takes the guesswork and man-hours out of building from scratch
  • Start with the standard ATUM™ cost model distilled from TBM Council and 200+ IT organizations
  • Explain and defend cost allocations to the business

Standard Approach to Rollout

Get Started Quickly with the Apptio Jumpstart Delivery Package
  • Start with only a few key data sources
  • Leverage proven best practices and Apptio TBM expertise
  • Grow at your pace with modules that extend TBM capability