Fact-Based Decisions


Understand Costs and KPIs to Drive More Value with Your Technology Business

Make better resource decisions faster by putting actionable, current, and trusted information about IT costs at the fingertips of decision-makers.

Better Decisions, Faster

Replace Assumptions with Facts that Drive Decision Agility
  • Accelerate initiatives and business cases for investment
  • Demonstrate and drive greater efficiency
  • Drive more value-based conversations with the business

More Analysis & Less Time Wrestling Data

Automate Monthly IT Cost Analytics, from Data Collection to Reports
  • Streamline financial reporting from weeks to hours
  • Focus more on analysis and insights
  • Respond quickly to unexpected questions


Apptio Cost Transparency: Accelerate Fact-Based Decisions

Understand Costs & KPIs to Drive More Value with Your Tech Business


Leverage Best Practices & Align with Peer Benchmarks

Together with IT Benchmarking, Uniquely Automates Cost Comparisons against Your Peers
  • Pre-built cost model accelerates time to automated best practice
  • Standard ATUM™ cost model distilled from TBM Council and 200+ IT organizations
  • Automate monthly cost calculations using the same model as Apptio IT Benchmarking

Single Source of Truth

Cost Views that Both IT and Finance can Understand, Trust, and Use
  • Aggregates finance and operational data into shared view
  • Translates actuals from General Ledger into IT context
  • Granular cost views of the “why” behind the “what”

Ready for Your Dirty Data

Use the Data You Have; Drive Discipline to Make it Better
  • Works with raw data from corporate finance and IT
  • Maintains “chain of custody” from source to reports
  • Finds and measures data gaps by business impact

Get there in 90 Days or Less

JumpStart Service Packages get You Up to Speed with Predictable Time and Cost
  • Start quickly with a few data sources
  • Spin up new analysis and reports in minutes
  • Grow at your pace with modules that extend visibility