Fact-Based Decisions


Understand Costs & KPIs to Drive More Value with Your Technology Business

Make better resource decisions faster by putting actionable, current, and trusted information about IT costs at the fingertips of decision-makers.

Better Decisions, Faster

Replace Assumptions with Facts that Drive Decision Agility
  • Accelerate initiatives and business cases for investment
  • Demonstrate and drive greater efficiency
  • Drive more value-based conversations with the business

More Analysis & Less Time Wrestling Data

Automate Monthly IT Cost Analytics, from Data Collection to Reports
  • Streamline financial reporting from weeks to hours
  • Focus more on analysis and insights
  • Respond quickly to unexpected questions


Apptio Cost Transparency: Accelerate Fact-Based Decisions

Understand Costs & KPIs to Drive More Value with Your Tech Business


Leverage Best Practices & Align with Peer Benchmarks

Together with IT Benchmarking, Uniquely Automates Cost Comparisons against Your Peers
  • Pre-built cost model accelerates time to automated best practice
  • Standard ATUM™ cost model distilled from TBM Council and 200+ IT organizations
  • Automate monthly cost calculations using the same model as Apptio IT Benchmarking

Single Source of Truth

Cost Views that Both IT & Finance can Understand, Trust, and Use
  • Aggregates finance and operational data into shared view
  • Translates actuals from General Ledger into IT context
  • Granular cost views of the “why” behind the “what”

Ready for Your Dirty Data

Use the Data You Have; Drive Discipline to Make it Better
  • Works with raw data from corporate finance and IT
  • Maintains “chain of custody” from source to reports
  • Finds and measures data gaps by business impact

Get there in 90 Days or Less

JumpStart Service Packages get You Up to Speed with Predictable Time & Cost
  • Start quickly with a few data sources
  • Spin up new analysis and reports in minutes
  • Grow at your pace with modules that extend visibility