IT Cost Transparency with Apptio

Create Transparency to Drive Fact-based Decisions

Making the right decisions in complex situations depends on having an informed perspective. This is true for improving IT cost efficiency, moving to a service orientation, adopting cloud services or investing in innovation. Apptio Cost Transparency transforms your general ledger costs into clear perspectives of your IT towers, services, projects and business unit allocations so you and your teams can make good decisions, faster and with confidence.

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Apptio Cost Transparency Options

Streamline your monthly financial management

Automate monthly views of IT financial performance against plan (budget) and what drives the costs for your towers, projects, labor, cost centers and more.

Understand the true costs of your applications and services

Automate monthly analysis and reporting of the fully loaded costs and cost drivers for your applications and services and manage their performance against plan (budget).

Analyze the IT costs driven by your business units

Automate monthly analysis and reporting of spending by business unit to understand your costs in the context of value and business plans (IT budget allocations).

"With Apptio, we were able to get started quickly and provide quality data to support accurate cost-saving decisions. We use the application as well for ongoing operational reviews and analytics to ensure we are continually improving and delivering value as a team."

Chris Levitt
Director of IT Service Strategy

Apptio Cost Transparency Foundation

Apptio Cost Transparency Foundation automates your monthly analysis of IT financial performance against plan and shows what drives your costs for your towers, projects, labor, cost centers and more.

Apptio automates reporting of your IT tower and project costs to free up time for analysis
  • Streamline variance reporting and your month-end close so you can better manage spend to plan and promote broader understanding and accountability among cost center owners
  • Align your people around a single set of data and a common taxonomy with secure, role-based views into costs and labor
  • Guide investment decisions by technology business strategy (Run vs. Grow vs. Transform the Business) and financial agility (fixed vs. variable expenses)
  • Free up to 90% of man-hours spent on manual reporting with automated data gathering and cleansing, cost modeling and calculations, and publishing self-service reports
  • Use the data you have by automating the loading, cleansing and mapping of your data, reporting and prioritizing any data gaps, and gracefully adapting to changes in source data structures over time
  • Mature your costing methods with a prescriptive yet flexible cost model from a library of pre-built IT cost modeling methods and functions
  • Refine analysis and author ad hoc reports in minutes through familiar spreadsheet capabilities like pivot, slicers, filters and formulas
  • Share and collaborate with operational reports including waterfall charts and annotations, exports to Excel and PDF, and bi-directional integration with PowerPoint that can dynamically update slides when data changes
  • Improve internal control and integrity of IT cost reporting by transitioning from error-prone spreadsheets to a unified system reconciled against corporate financials
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Applications & Services Module

Apptio Cost Transparency for Applications & Services shows you the fully loaded costs of your applications and services using a customizable, best-practice service library, cost model, and allocation methods.

Apptio reveals your true app and service costs, including their cost drivers and breakdown by business objective
  • Put your costs into a service point of view by translating your spending into the applications and services you deliver
  • Leverage Apptio’s best-practice library of standard services to quickly define your IT services or use your own service definitions
  • Accelerate the development of your service and application cost model by tailoring Apptio’s out-of-the-box cost model through your choice of flexible cost allocation methods
  • Understand the fully-burdened cost of your applications and services including breakouts by application, service family, and business objective (e.g., run, grow, sustain)
  • Make meaningful comparisons between internally delivered and cloud applications and services such as hosting services, communication services and business applications (e.g., vs. Oracle CRM)
  • Expose the true cost of both delivering and supporting your applications by including support, maintenance, QA and testing labor, infrastructure and other costs
  • Collaborate on decisions with application and service costing reports that leverage slicers, waterfall charts, annotations, and other features that help you communicate important facts
  • Hold your service and application owners accountable for their costs by giving them secure, role-based views for their domains
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Business Units Module

Apptio Cost Transparency for Business Units automates the allocation of IT spending to your business units so you can understand and explain costs in the context of value and business unit budgets.

Apptio automates the allocation of IT costs to business units so you can understand how they drive costs
  • Create and automate smart, defensible allocation rules for attributing IT costs to your business units based on their consumption, users, headcount or other factors
  • Review the IT cost per employee for each business unit including month-over-month trends
  • Monitor actual costs versus plan (budget) for each business unit so you can work with business units to take actions on variances caused by differences from planned consumption or the underlying IT budget
  • Empower your business relationship managers and service owners to have fact-based discussions by giving them secure, role-based views into demand, consumption and costs allocated to the lines of business
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Accelerate Transparency with Best Practices

Apptio Cost Transparency embeds best practices based on over 150 Apptio customers and lessons learned from the Technology Business Management Council, a group of more than 900 business, technology and finance leaders focused on defining the standards for running the business of IT. These best practices include a standard taxonomy for IT resource towers and services, cost modeling and allocation methods, report definitions and more. Only Apptio can bring you cost transparency know-how of this magnitude and quality.

Why Apptio Is the Leading Provider of Cost Transparency Software

Enterprise-Class Solution
Unlike spreadsheets, Apptio combines drillable depth with a broad range of decision-relevant perspectives (e.g., IT towers, applications, services, business units, general ledger accounts).

Trust through Visualization
Apptio’s visual cost model links back to source data (e.g., your general ledger) and helps you build understanding and trust in your allocation methods.

Proven Leadership
Deployed by more than 150 medium to large enterprises in every industry and on every continent, Apptio is built to scale and we have the know-how to make you successful.

Prescriptive but Flexible Cost Modeling
Apptio ships with prescriptive allocation methods and models but remains flexible so you can quickly author or change allocation rules using assumptions, data relationships, consumption information and more.

Trust through Independence
Apptio is independent of your other technology investments. Our goal is to enable better decisions, not to sell you on cloud, infrastructure management software or other products.

Quick Wins, but with Continuous Value
Apptio reveals new insights in weeks. But unlike consulting projects, Apptio automates transparency so your data is always fresh and new insights are revealed over time.

Complete Coverage
Unlike many point solutions, Apptio can provide transparency into 100% of your IT spending — all vendors, all technologies, and not just cloud or virtualization — all reconciled back to your general ledger.

Built for Imperfect Data
Unlike BI products that expect near-perfect data, Apptio Cost Transparency was built from the ground up to consume and improve raw, imperfect data.

Get Started Quickly

Nearly every Apptio customer, regardless of size, maturity or industry, doubted they had what it takes to properly cost their IT towers, applications or services. Usually they lacked good data. Other times they didn't have the right know-how.

We showed each customer how to overcome these obstacles quickly and gain insights they often thought were not possible. We can do the same for you.

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