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Apptio Bill of IT

Operationalize Your Showback or Chargeback Process to Optimize IT Investments

Influence Demand for Technology Services via Defensible IT Billing

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Automate billing that is fair, transparent, and easy to understand.

Apptio Bill of IT is a SaaS application that automates the creation and delivery of pro-forma invoices for IT services. Empower your business partners to be better consumers of IT by giving them choices that help reduce and recover costs.


Extend the Reach of Apptio Cost Transparency

Build on your Cost Transparency analysis
  • IT cost reporting through an interactive bill
  • Provide budget/cost/price-based or hybrid bills
  • Enable cost recovery and unit rate analysis

Build Trust Through Cadence and Facts

Enable a defensible IT showback or chargeback process
  • Business unit-specific statements showing allocated costs
  • Monthly, automated email delivery for easy access to bills
  • Allocations based on usage, headcount, actual or planned consumption
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Communicate in Business Terms

Consumer-friendly communication style that makes sense to your partners
  • IT bills calculated using your business rules
  • Simple, business-friendly bill template
  • IT resource, application and service costs rolled up by business unit

What Would Happen If...

Collaborate on and shape IT demand
  • "What-if" analysis of service levels and quantities
  • Expose IT consumption by business units, departments and users
  • Provide business-controlled demand levers
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