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Deliver Innovation at the Pace of Business Agility

Deliver Innovation at the Pace of Business Agility

Today’s enterprises are challenged to deliver unprecedented value at an ever-increasing pace and bring their businesses into the digital age. But in order to move at speed, eliminate waste, and free up funds to re-invest in innovation, technology leaders need transparency into existing run costs and their drivers for their business to optimize the IT portfolio and enable data-driven decision-making. Hundreds of organizations around the world are leveraging Technology Business Management (TBM) tools and practices to translate IT spend into business value.

Watch this on-demand webinar by Jenny Wood, who heads up performance and business management of technology at Royal Bank of Scotland, to learn:
  • Why TBM is the linkage between transparency, ownership, accountability and business effectiveness
  • How to deliver greater business agility through transparency of costs
  • How to create a commercial mindset with data-driven decision-making
Deliver Innovation at the Pace of Business Agility

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