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The Definitive Framework for Application Rationalization

The Definitive Framework for Application Rationalization

To optimize technology operating costs and free-up funds to drive innovation, it’s critical for IT organizations to identify waste and eliminate it. A good place to start is often in the application portfolio, where it’s commonplace to have redundant apps which overlap in function and deliver minimal to no business value.

How do you zero in on the resource-drainers and excise them without compromising service delivery or ongoing business processes? How do you undertake the complicated route of rationalizing your application portfolio?

Download this eBook to:

  • Get started on Application Rationalization (App Rat) with your existing data
  • Use facts to cut through ambiguity and make defensible decisions
  • Gain buy-in from skeptical app owners and business partners
  • Measure results and show return on your efforts
  • Sustain gains with ongoing portfolio management
The Definitive Framework for Application Rationalization

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