A Business Management System for Modern IT Leaders


Apptio pioneered the discipline of Technology Business Management (TBM) and is the premier provider of TBM SaaS applications.

Apptio's Approach to Technology Business Management

The core principles of Apptio Technology Business Management are similar to the core principles of sales, manufacturing or any other corporate business function. Like a sale or a manufactured good, IT is responsible for managing and reporting on the cost, performance and planning process associated with delivering those products or services to the business. This is the IT Operating Model. This is how modern IT leaders manage their technology business.

Apptio’s methodology of TBM is derived from over 200 TBM deployments and from our partnership as co-founder and technical advisor to the TBM Council, an organization comprised of over 1000 leading CIOs, CFOs, and IT executives. The mission of these modern IT leaders is to shape and define the future of TBM.

The Right Equipment
for the Job

To meet these requirements and successfully manage the business of IT, modern IT leaders move beyond managing their organizations via spreadsheets, rigid business intelligence tools, and static reports. Apptio's TBM suite of applications integrates and analyzes data from as few as a handful, to as many as hundreds of different sources of financial, operational, and billing data. Only a specialized platform built specifically for this purpose can successfully unify such disparate data to extract insights needed by modern IT leaders.