The Insights Your Team Needs to Make Better Decisions More Quickly

New Apptio product updates — Apptio BI Reports, Cloudability Japanese localization, and ASG and GPU-instance rightsizing — connect people to insights.

It’s a paradox of the times. The digital transformation that every organization is going through generates far more data than any one person or team can parse. Even if it’s open to debate whether data really is the new oil, there is no doubt we need a better way to drill it.

One approach is to throw increasingly more people at the problem. But that ties up resources and (undefined) amounts of time — and time is the most valuable resource you have. You can’t risk wasting it.

A better, scalable approach is to take control of this excessive data by giving your team the tools they need to make better decisions. Spend time planning for action — not on data aggregation, cleansing, and analysis.

The latest updates to Apptio products strengthen the connections between our users and actionable insights, help you respond quickly to a changing marketplace, and enable you to build organizational resilience to make better decisions faster.

Apptio BI Reports: Create and collaborate on custom or new, pre-defined reposts across dashboards

Insights are only actionable when they are accessible and shareable. When some users lack the knowledge to create proper reports or access dashboards, their voices aren’t heard — leading to a smaller pool of decision-makers (and poorer decisions). Apptio helps decision-makers to be heard by democratizing and accelerating access to reporting and insights.

With Apptio Business Intelligence (BI) Reports, a new feature within Apptio BI, you can pick from a library of pre-established reports covering a range of focused TBM areas. You can use these reports as-is or you can copy them and adjust as needed. The goal is to accelerate time to insight.

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Apptio BI Reports allows users to create and collaborate on custom or new, pre-defined reports across dashboards. The variety of reporting capabilities and templates increases ease of use and enhances structure and cohesion across your Apptio products.

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Rightsizing EC2 ASGs and GPU-backed instances: Increase cloud savings with new recommendations

Rightsizing AWS resources simplifies your operational footprint and makes your cloud spend go further. However, some AWS resources are harder to optimize than others. People can’t rightsize if they don’t have the insights they need to confidently act on recommendations.

Consider EC2 Auto Scaling groups (ASG) and GPU-backed instances. Optimization efforts for ASGs need to consider the entire group of EC2 instances together — not individually, as you might typically do when rightsizing. This is especially true since EC2 instances in an ASG are often ephemeral — instantiated and then terminated based on scaling events — while the group lives on.

Rightsizing GPU-backed instances has been a manual, customized effort for cloud centers of excellence (CCoEs) and FinOps practitioners. Most AWS users are left to guess the best instance type to match their workloads — leading to overprovisioning and unnecessary costs. There haven’t been any rightsizing recommendations for GPU instances from AWS-native tools or any other cloud cost management tool. Until now.

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In addition to extending rightsizing capabilities to GPU-backed instance types, Cloudability now supports AWS Auto Scaling Groups (ASG) as well. By using metadata on the individual EC2 instances to map groupings, Cloudability will provide recommendations for all members of the ASG — including the option for reducing the actual instance count. We deliver GPU recommendations by ingesting GPU consumption data via CloudWatch custom metrics or the Cloudability Datadog integration.

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Japanese Cloudability localization: Extended regional support

Last year, Cloudability introduced our multi-currency service designed to normalize cloud costs to an organization’s preferred currency and remove the complexity and confusion that can result from operating in multiple regions (and the fact the major cloud vendors often bill in different currencies). Now Cloudability is working to extend those capabilities — offering a fully localized in-product experience to Japanese organizations.

cost summary dashboard JA - The Insights Your Team Needs to Make Better Decisions More Quickly - Apptio

Now, our Japanese Cloudability customers can switch their in-app experience and notifications to Japanese — including both language and formatting of text and numbers. Localized support in Japan delivers on our goal of bringing insights to more of the people who can put them into action, regardless of location or language.

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With the increased pressure and speed of innovation and increased complexity of technology, technology and business leaders are vulnerable to blind spots and inaction. The explosion in data that the modern enterprise collects has only made leaders even more vulnerable. Bringing insights closer to decision-makers is the only way the modern enterprise can protect its flank and drive toward action.