Leslie McCollom - February 07, 2017

AWS best practices: What you need to succeed with Reserved Instances

We've collected our AWS Reserved Instance best practices into this article that can help you prep for your next RI purchase. Become your company's RI champion today and improve cloud management and cost efficiency.

Two years ago, we recommended that companies who were serious about saving on AWS should appoint a dedicated person whose job is to optimize the way they purchase and manage Reserved Instances. This person’s sole purpose is to be an ongoing advocate for RI best practices within their organization.

Despite the ever-shifting AWS landscape, these best practices have remained relatively unchanged, and some of the biggest cloud users who rely on AWS to scale their businesses are reaping great savings on their bill by following them. Even if your business is not quite ready for a dedicated RI specialist, Cloudability is here to coach you through the ins and outs of RI purchasing and portfolio management, so you can become your organization’s RI champion.

Below, we’ve compiled a hefty summary of these tips and resources to help your company begin to optimize your RI usage.

Know RIs inside and out

With the right knowledge and training, Reserved Instances can be far less complex than at first glance and can be a huge source of savings on AWS. Using RIs efficiently can produce truly invaluable savings; but alternatively, when left unchecked or unused those potential savings can quickly go down the drain.

Here are some articles that explore the nuances of RI planning and management that will better equip you to save on AWS:

Our Complete Guide to Saving with AWS Reserved Instances also delivers a solid foundation for RIs, and then expands into tactical how-tos that will allow you to calculate your reservation needs and manage your portfolio of RIs on an ongoing basis.

Know that you’re not alone

There are times when the complex process of purchasing, modifying and monitoring RIs (by the hundreds or thousands, depending on the size of your business) can seem daunting. But know that you’re one of many folks who are working to understand the ins and outs of RIs to save their businesses tons of money with a strong buying strategy and portfolio management.

During re:Invent 2016, hundreds of interested AWS users watched as our Chief Customer Officer and Co-founder, J.R. Storment, went in-depth on how users can save with RIs at scale, outlining some strategic ways that organizations using AWS can maximize their RI savings as both business and usage grow.

You can do it! We’re here to help.

We hope we’ve given you a couple of ideas and resources to check out, and maybe even a few to pass around to your team to get some conversations started. When you’re ready to try some things out for yourself, Cloudability is here to help. Start your free trial today, and see your business’ data in action.

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