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Winners of the Eighth Annual TBM Council Awards Announced

NatWest and Morgan Stanley Among Businesses Recognized for Utilizing the Power of Insights and Technology to Navigate a Complex Digital Landscape and Accelerate Growth

Bellevue, WA – Nov. 16, 2020 – The Technology Business Management (TBM) Council, a non-profit organization that promotes TBM standards and practices to empower collaboration between IT leaders and business partners, and Apptio, Inc., a leading provider of technology business management (TBM) solutions that help organizations analyze, plan, and optimize technology spend, announced the winners of the eighth annual TBM Council Awards.

The TBM Council Awards are built around the pillars of TBM and recognize the leaders and teams in the global technology and finance community who are driving tangible business value through TBM standards and Apptio solutions. Despite the challenges organizations have experienced in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been many bright spots throughout the year. The TBM Council Awards aim to celebrate these wins and recognize the overall excellence and success of the industry.

Traditionally, the awards have recognized winners in nine categories but this year, a tenth category, “TBM Excellence – Thriving Through Disruption,” was added to reflect the impact of COVID-19 and the resulting economic disruption. Each nomination was evaluated by the TBM Council Board led jury.

“The results organizations achieve through TBM empower them to shift to cloud services for scale and towards agile development for speed, enabling them to drive more innovation for their business as they optimize costs,” said Jarod Greene, General Manager of the TBM Council. “The TBM Council Awards recognize and celebrate this innovation and excellence across a wide range of areas within the discipline. This program has become one of the most anticipated elements of the TBM Conference over the last five years.”

Winners of the 2020 TBM Council awards are:

TBM Excellence – Innovation Acceleration

This category recognizes those that have adopted a broad set of TBM solutions across their enterprise to optimize technology spend and fundamentally change the dialogue between IT and the business.

Standard Chartered realized a significant reduction in time to answer ad-hoc questions about overall costs, allocated a large amount of cloud costs back to cost centers, and reduced vendor invoice validation time, creating TBM use cases to increase efficiency.

TBM Excellence – Business Value Innovation

This award recognizes the teams that have implemented a Bill of IT to shape demand for IT services and improve relationships with business partners by articulating consumption and cost, and by offering cost-effective alternatives to meet their business needs.

Macquarie Group is a global financial services group operating in 31 markets around the globe. With TBM, Macquarie drove many quantifiable outcomes including a shift from run-the-business to change-the-business, cloud cost opportunities, and a reduction in on-prem infrastructure spend. Macquarie launched its “My Bill of IT” dashboard, showing every employee their IT consumption and cost. Based on their initial rollout, Macquarie has seen a reduction in end user spend over the last six months.

TBM Excellence – Cloud & Hybrid

The winner of this award has demonstrated that they have successfully powered innovation using public or a hybrid public/private cloud approach. This category highlights those that have mastered the unit economics of cloud and have developed a sound cloud migration strategy.

Humana was able to accelerate a number of initiatives from run-the-business to change-the-business, reduce spending on applications and realized significant cloud cost savings. The organization identified funds being spent on inactive applications, which led to a formal application retirement process, and enabled leadership to accelerate their cloud first strategy.  Utilizing a hybrid business management solution, they were able to develop an apples-to-apples comparison of on-premise data costs to cloud equivalents for forecasting purposes and workload migration to the cloud.

TBM Excellence – Vendor Optimization

This category celebrates teams that drive efficiency and excellence within their IT vendor portfolio, aligning spend to business objectives. They drive savings via consolidation, manage POs and contract spending, and regularly optimize their contract commitments.

Cleveland Clinic optimized vendor spend by producing unique reporting for its outsourcing bill, invoice compliance, service agreement compliance, and purchase order burndown. The TBM Office at Cleveland Clinic also streamlined invoice spreadsheets into a standardized report.

TBM Excellence – Application Rationalization

The winner of this category is recognized for its ability to leverage facts about its technology services to improve the conversations it has enterprise-wide about consumption, cost, and value.

With TBM, Lockheed Martin made shifts on how it managed IT to embrace a more holistic model. Three CIOs signed on as co-chairs of Lockheed Martin’s TBM steering committee, advancing its “One IT” approach across all of Lockheed Martin’s business areas. Meanwhile, it accelerated investment decisions from about two-and-a-half weeks to just a few days, while improving confidence in the data it uses.

TBM Excellence – Strategic Planning

Companies in this category have an automated and collaborative budgeting, forecasting, and variance analysis process for their organization. This category recognizes the winner that aligns financial plans with business priorities and adjusts plans as priorities change to reduce risk and capitalize on market opportunities.

  • Winner – LMI

LMI was able to reduce its overall IT costs, shift a high percentage of run-the-business spend to change-the-business, and moved cloud costs allocations back to cost centers. The company also drove significant improvements to its financial management processes, including annual budgeting and monthly forecasting.

TBM Excellence – Investment Planning

This award recognizes the company that has embraced project- and product-centric models to deliver software products and services that improve business outcomes. The winner has demonstrated that it has shifted from waterfall to Agile, while capitalizing development, optimizing development effectiveness, and improving team utilization.

NatWest created a transparent process to support the bank’s Technology Transformation program addressing core modernization, data center strategy, application simplification, domain and center of excellence, and the use of Agile tools, practices, and techniques. It significantly accelerated investment planning by streamlining and automating the planning process, completely shifting away from spreadsheets.

TBM Excellence – Overall Performance

The winner in this category is recognized as an organization that has put all of the pieces of TBM together with urgency, speed, and quality – all to move beyond compliance and to spend justification.

With TBM, The University of Pennsylvania achieved significant benefits, starting with a dramatic improvement in the trust of its internal clients. The university reduced overall IT costs, shifted run-the-business spending to change-the-business investments, drove cost savings on public cloud, accelerated both budgeting and forecasting times, and reduced the time and effort for investment planning.

TBM Excellence – Value Acceleration

This award recognizes an organization’s exemplary work in adopting Apptio’s TBM solutions in under 18 months.

  • Winner – R+V

In a matter of months, R+V implemented its cost model and identified opportunities to optimize costs and prioritize execution. It centralized spending, optimized software licenses, reduced additional costs through digitization, and more. R+V also accelerated decision-making and improved the confidence the teams have in the data they use.

TBM Excellence – Thriving Through Disruption

A new category for 2020, this award highlights the challenges of 2020 and awards the team that has leveraged TBM to deal with the disruption caused by the pandemic.

By capitalizing on digital transformation over the last decade, Morgan Stanley’s TBM team was able to adapt quickly to a remote work environment brought on by COVID. Through close connectivity with key business and technology stakeholders and resilient planning processes in place, TBM was able to respond quickly when executing on business priorities and addressing anticipated volatility.

The TBM Council Awards 2021 nominations process will kick off on February 23, 2021. To reserve a spot and learn more, RVSP here TBM Council 2021 Awards.

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