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Apptio Announces Integration with New Relic for Optimization of Cloud Spend

Infrastructure Performance Metrics from New Relic One Unlock Deeper Cost Savings with Apptio Cloudability Rightsizing Recommendations

BELLEVUE, WASH. Oct. 20, 2020 Apptio, Inc., a leading provider of technology business management (TBM) solutions that help organizations analyze, plan, and optimize technology spend, today announced the integration of Apptio Cloudability with the cloud-based observability platform New Relic One. With this integration, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure users can leverage additional infrastructure performance metrics from New Relic One, such as memory and CPU utilization, allowing Apptio Cloudability to provide up to 15 percent more savings in rightsizing recommendations for compute resources.

“New Relic is dedicated to helping our customers accelerate their migrations to the public cloud while controlling costs,” said Bill Staples, chief product officer at New Relic. “The combination of Apptio Cloudability and New Relic One provides companies with a holistic view of their cloud and on-premises environments, allowing them to appropriately budget for cloud spending and identify areas of right-sizing and optimization.”

“We are pleased to introduce this integration with New Relic One, which allows us to provide our joint customers a continuous flow of resource-level cost optimization recommendations with an unparalleled level of precision,” said Scott Chancellor, chief product and technology officer at Apptio. “By combining extraordinarily detailed financial and operational data, this integration empowers our customers to substantially reduce their cloud spend without sacrificing workload performance.”

The speed and elasticity provided by cloud computing is advantageous for organizations, delivering the level of agility required to respond to shifting customer and market demands. However, the ease of scaling cloud resources often results in significant overspending. Gartner estimates that misconfigurations made in cloud adoption strategies can lead companies to overspend by 20 to 50 percent. Apptio Cloudability’s integration with New Relic One provides deep performance metrics for virtual machines (e.g., CPU and memory utilization, network I/O, disk read/write bytes), enabling better insights, more precise rightsizing recommendations, and greater cost savings opportunities.

Together with New Relic One, Apptio Cloudability eliminates the need for burdensome and time-consuming permissioning and installation of additional agents. Users can easily initiate a one-time configuration of their New Relic One account with the Apptio Cloudability platform via their New Relic One account ID and query key. This integration supports multiple accounts within the organization for both AWS and Azure workloads and is available now for users worldwide.

The announcement with New Relic is the latest in a series of integrations, including most recently with Datadog, to deliver rightsizing recommendations, as Apptio continues to help customers optimize cloud costs and resources to accelerate innovation.

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