Targetprocess Integration

Salesforce + Targetprocess

Customer-facing teams often use Salesforce for most of their tasks. Without integration between Targetprocess and Salesforce, their ability to work together with other teams in the organization smoothly can be fractured. Integration between the tools will improve team collaboration and streamline the flow of information between customer service, sales, the PM office, and development teams. Tasktop’s Integration Hub allows you to establish both one-way or two-way integrations between Salesforce and Targetprocess.

Every integration case is unique, because you have to map your own special set of fields and work structure. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact us to get started.

Possible use cases

  • Connect sales and marketing to PM and development teams by automatically syncing ideas and cases from Salesforce to Targetprocess. Sometimes, prioritization simply comes down to monetary value. Opportunity values make it easy for product managers to see which ideas will have the largest financial impact, so you can synchronize values such as Opportunity value to Targetprocess.
  • Synchronize cases (or a custom “problem” record) from Salesforce as Bugs in Targetprocess to provide developers visibility into problem details and sync the resolution flow.
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