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Apptio's New Financial Planning Application Adds Agility to the Financial Model, Aligned to How Modern Teams Work

Agile Investment Planning provides a unified view of traditional and agile project investments to inform critical decisions, ease labor capitalization, track value, and optimize resources

LAS VEGAS – November 6, 2019 – Apptio, Inc., the leading provider of SaaS solutions to help organizations make smart decisions, today introduced a new application designed to help IT leaders align existing financial systems and processes to an agile and project-based methodology. Apptio Agile Investment Planning leverages the power of Apptio’s analytics platform to prioritize investments, optimize spending, report on value, and accurately capitalize labor and is currently available in beta form.

According to a recent survey by Gartner, “Eighty-five percent of participating respondents said their organization has adopted or plans to adopt (fully or partially) a product-centric model. Respondents use the product model for an average of 40% of their work in 2018. That is almost double the percentage for 2016, and the figure is expected to double again by 2022.”1  In addition, “Project-based funding models and the culture of business and IT teams are the biggest challenges to adoption of the product-centric delivery model.” 1  Without a dedicated solution, we believe many are forced to create homegrown tools to retrofit financial systems to agile development activities. These workarounds create a patchwork of challenging management processes for prioritizing investments, tracking value, optimizing resources and capitalizing labor.

With Apptio [Agile Investment Planning], IT and business leaders can plan, prioritize and track investments by integrating financial planning with work execution information from Agile application lifecycle management systems like Jira and Microsoft TFS. This new application will provide users with granular insight into the cost, staffing level, business priority and goal of every project that can then be sorted by theme, product, or team. This level of detail helps manage release trains over quarters, align investments with business strategy, and track value delivery. 

“Agile Investment Planning is the first solution of its kind dedicated to the planning and governance of both agile and project investments. This new application integrates with and complements existing agile management software to provide an end-to-end view of work management and value. This view is the key to making informed investment decisions,” said Scott Chancellor, Apptio Chief Product Officer. “Apptio has automated the entire process of capturing and prioritizing investments, creating value delivery roadmap plans, and optimizing development resources.”

Users can immediately begin to break down investments into smaller units of business value, manage them in backlogs, and plan for the future using roadmaps that communicate business value delivery over time relative to the financial investment require to achieve that value. These roadmaps can then be validated against an accurate capacity model that supports both product or project-based resourcing. Finally, users will be able to seamlessly push and pull these data from their existing Application Lifecycle Management systems.

Users can get started in less than two hours and Apptio integrates with all existing technology and finance systems through our DataLink feature with no special coding or database management skills required.

[Apptio Agile Investment Planning] is currently in the beta and will be generally available in early 2020. For more information, please go to

1Gartner “Survey Analysis: IT Is Moving Quickly From Projects to Products,” Bill Swanton, et al, 23 October 2018

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