How DataVisor Continuously Optimizes Cloud Spend

Learn how DataVisor built a culture of real-time cost tracking to uncover optimization initiatives that could be taken to improve cloud spend and utilization.

DataVisor dVector is a robust, AI-based fraud detection solution that combines best-in-class machine learning technology and a powerful investigative workflow to protect businesses and their users against the most sophisticated forms of fraud and abuse.

The huge volume of customer data processed by Datavisor on a continuous basis resulted in massive cloud costs that were more than doubling year over year. David Ting, VP of Engineering for DataVisor, set out to find a way to cut costs and spot anomalies to improve overall efficiency — and found Cloudability.

Getting Started on the Cloud Efficiency Journey

David said his first goal in getting started using Cloudability was to at least save what he paid for it, and would consider any additional savings on top of this figure to be gravy.

David was able to get DataVisor’s Cloudability account set up in the span of a single Friday morning, so not only was it simple to get up and running, but before Datavisor’s trial was even over, Cloudability revealed a $10K billing anomaly that David was able to correct, resulting in instant savings and ROI from the purchase of Cloudability.

Early Wins and Next Steps Towards Cost and Usage Efficiency

Motivated by how easy it was to get his first few quick wins using Cloudability, David undertook several new initiatives to improve DataVisor’s cloud spending efficiency.

The first was using Cloudability’s RI Planner tool to get unbiased recommendations for the best cost savings possible with RIs vs. On-Demand price based their resource utilization. Next, David’s team moved on to focus aggressively on achieving savings through Spot instances. Knowing that Spot instances are seven times cheaper than On-Demand and three times cheaper than Reserved Instances, they wanted to move all of their compute to Spot instances and increase parallel spinning up of resources to reduce the time to meet their customers’ needs.

The next step was using Cloudability’s Automation capabilities. By automating certain tasks, DataVisor was able to save engineering time, but also understand the impact of changes to their cloud environment by previewing a task to see which resources would be impacted before scheduling it. Once that task is executed, David’s team can see the number of resources affected to make sure no further action is needed.

See the Complete Story of Datavisor’s Cost Efficiency Journey

Using Cloudability, DataVisor has built a real-time cost tracking culture that has improved its cloud cost efficiency and changed the way teams work together.

Download the DataVisor story to learn more about how significantly a culture of cloud cost optimization can impact your organization. Share it with your team to get the conversation started, and get in touch if you’d like to see Cloudability in action with your cloud data.

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