Cloudability Financial Planning

Forecast and optimize your future cloud costs

Break free from spreadsheet-based forecasting

As cloud service usage grows, so does the struggle to accurately forecast and budget for cloud costs.

Relying solely on past trends when forecasting oversimplifies the process and doesn’t account for planned new spend or changing business activity. Cross-functional collaboration efforts often depend on spreadsheet-based, manual processes that are error-prone and inaccurate. Cloudability Financial Planning helps you break free from the spreadsheet and accurately forecast future cloud spend.


Only 15% of organizations meet the FinOps benchmark of a 5% or lower spend to plan variance.
FinOps Foundation

Accurate, defensible forecasts

Cloudability Financial Planning helps you create actionable, defensible plans for future cloud deployments so you can improve forecast accuracy while driving accountability.

Driver-based forecasting

Stop relying solely on past data and disjointed processes that create linear cost outlooks.

Share and collaborate

Reduce variance, accelerate planning cycles, and easily replan when needed with collaborative planning features.

Modernize your forecasts

Go beyond the spreadsheet with robust tooling that enables teams to stay flexible while keeping them accountable.

Control your future spend now

With accurate forecasting, you can optimize cloud costs and limit your tech spend waste – now and in the future. Cloudability Financial Planning helps you to reduce variance with automated forecasts that account for variables and enable flexible, collaborative planning.

Improve forecast accuracy

Generate responsive, defensible forecasts that account for seasonal spend drivers, evolving business priorities, and other cost drivers.

CFP improve forecast accuracy Before 1 - Cloudability Financial Planning - Apptio
Without Apptio
CFP improve forecast accuracy After 1 - Cloudability Financial Planning - Apptio
With Apptio
before after thumb - Cloudability Financial Planning - Apptio

Streamline planning processes

Improve planning agility and budget confidence. Simplify planning collaboration and adapt quickly to changes in priorities or funding as they happen.

Enable team accountability

Go beyond cost allocation by tracking spend to plan at the team level. Control costs with scenario analysis while staying aligned and accountable through collaborative tracking.

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