SaaS License Management

Effectively and efficiently manage SaaS licenses — regardless of their source

What is SaaS License Management?

SaaS license management is vital to cloud applications and services. As businesses continue to accelerate the enablement of cloud-based applications, the resulting complex SaaS infrastructure requires efficient execution. SaaS license management is the answer.

Also, SaaS users must assume ownership and be held accountable and SaaS management platforms provide a solution.

Effectively and efficiently manage SaaS licenses with application discovery (including Shadow IT), optimization, and contract renewal.

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The Four Goals of SaaS License Management

SaaS Application Discovery

Track resource consumption of SaaS applications across the organization in a single view, enabling teams to discover redundancy.

Uncovering Shadow IT

Manage unauthorized SaaS proliferation and spend by bringing Shadow IT under central management.

License Optimization

Underutilized licenses can lead to program overspend, wasting valuable resources that could be deprovisioned or reallocated to maximize the value of the SaaS portfolio.

Contract Renewals

Without active license management and consolidation of duplicative contracts, SaaS costs can quickly grow, leading to budget overspend and ineffective use of SaaS applications.

Aligning SaaS Portfolio Management to FinOps

SaaS spend is unpredictable and complex. Moreover, most organizations don’t just have a few SaaS providers – they have many with unique agreements, metrics, and contracts, making it crucial to manage consumption to stop costs from ballooning.

Download this white paper to learn how FinOps principles can enhance SaaS management.

How to Manage SaaS Licenses

Managing SaaS licenses can be very complicated. Adding to this complexity is the ever-increasing expansion of cloud and SaaS offerings. SaaS management platforms, controlled by IT and procurement departments contain application sprawl.

SaaS management platforms allow you to…

Apptio Cloudability SaaS

This short demo video highlights key features of Cloudability SaaS, including:

  • Surfacing opportunities for SaaS optimization
  • Rightsizing contracts
  • Reducing SaaS licensing cost by 15% or more