Product Owners

As a product owner, you care about maximizing the value your product brings to its users, aligning teams on implementing in order and together, and informing stakeholders about the progress and more.

You probably want to keep a product backlog, product roadmap, gather ideas and other feedback from stakeholders and users, plan and keep track of the released version of your product and much more.

As Apptio is a product company and we use Apptio Targetprocess to develop Apptio Targetprocess, we tend to think we understand what you need. We have a lot of features that you’ll love with even more coming soon.

Goal Management

Goal systems are about aligning people on common shared goals. It’s not about telling people how they should reach a goal. We support different goal systems and can also connect them together in a meaningful way, so we connect product development work and its outputs with the intended outcomes of the business. Apptio Targetprocess supports these goal systems:

Product Management

Product management is about making choices because unfortunately time and money are limited. In order to make the best choice out of all the possible improvements and enhancements at any given time, we need clarity and information. Apptio Targetprocess helps to order the chaos, make informed decisions, and share and communicate them using the following SAFe features:

  • Product Roadmaps
  • Epic, Feature & Team Kanbans
  • Product Entity with states
  • Product Dashboards

Idea and Issue Management

If we’re close to the users of our products, we can use gemba walks to see how the product is used and get ideas on what to add or improve. It’s a nice idea and definitely works, but we can’t be with every user at their location all the time. Therefore, digital solutions for gathering ideas and feedback are needed. The following features of Apptio Targetprocess help with this:

  • Service Desk to connect with stakeholders (no extra Targetprocess licences needed)
  • Gather ideas and/or feedback and capture the discussion or details
  • Integration with Miro for unstructured brainstorming or ideation sessions
  • Connect with product telemetry and automatically create bugs, incidents and notifications

Work-Item and Backlog Management

Agile product development is making small incremental changes and gathering feedback from them quickly, so we learn before the next change. When we break the work down into small pieces, we need to keep an overview of all work and its higher-level work or objectives, its state and progress, and view the work from different perspectives. It’s about following the work, not the people. Here’s what Apptio Targetprocess brings to the table:

  • Work Item hierarchy that supports every level of SAFe and more
  • Story Mapping
  • Pre-Sprint or Pre-Program Increment workflow states
  • See items on List, Board and Roadmap/Timeline views
  • A smart product backlog that holds Epics, Features, User Stories and Bugs so you can order work across work-items types.
  • Support for Multiple ways to Prioritize or Order you backlog
  • Forecast or plan in Sprints and Program Increments
  • Work item change Notifications

Request a demo and see how Apptio Targetprocess can help you accurately plan, track, and forecast investments for agile or hybrid delivery.

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