Targetprocess Feature

Custom Processes

Don’t try to shoehorn your process into an inflexible tool, and don’t assume a good software tool will solve all your process woes. A good tool on top of a bad process will only accelerate poor results. Targetprocess can help you to better understand your process by showing you what is going right and what is going wrong, so that you can make the necessary changes to improve.

Combination Agile - Custom Processes - Apptio


Use any combination of Scrum, Kanban, and our own preset work solutions. Customize them to match your teams, or create your own solutions.

Combination Unified - Custom Processes - Apptio

Unified High-level View

Individuals, teams, and departments can use whatever process works best for them while still maintaining a unified high-level view of teams and projects.

Combination Custom Terms - Custom Processes - Apptio

Custom Terms

Customize the terms the system uses for work items and workflows to match your desired vernacular.

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