Ideas Management

Success begins with a spark of ingenuity.

From an innovative business concept to a pioneering product design, the most successful organizations are full of the best ideas. Of course, you’ll need to harness every ‘lightbulb moment’ if you want to maximize your creativity and build new features, services, products and methodologies.

At Apptio, we understand the importance of great ideas, which is why we’ve got a range of features to help you brainstorm, collate and analyze your latest brainwaves.

What is Idea Management?

The concept of idea management is simple. Good ideas happen all the time and come from a variety of sources, but they’re often overlooked. If you don’t have a centralized system to collate new ideas as they emerge, they’re in danger of falling by the wayside.

Idea Management gives you the tools you need to manage the constant stream of ideas that emerge from inside and outside your business. From in-house design and development teams to customer suggestions, there is a minefield of creativity just waiting to be tapped. By incorporating a strategic approach to idea management, you can maximize the value of every suggestion, enhancement and concept.

Although idea management can involve maintaining a backlog of ideas to refer to, it’s much more than a repository for proposals. The right idea management platform encourages people to be creative and share their ideas, as well as giving users the opportunity to collaborate and deliver inventive solutions together.

As well as unleashing your team’s creativity, idea management allows you to ensure your product vision aligns with the current and future needs of your target audience. Using idea management throughout development facilitates this alignment and gives you the opportunity to enhance the value of your products and solutions.

Using Apptio Targetprocess for Idea Management

Multiple Apptio Targetprocess features can be used for effective idea management. Additionally, you can integrate existing platforms into Apptio Targetprocess to create a holistic idea management solution.

Miro Integration

With Miro integration, for example, you can create and view Miro boards from Apptio Targetprocess, add Miro boards as widgets to Dashboards and embed Miro Boards as an additional tab in Entity Details view.

Giving you the flexibility and freedom to harness every spark of ingenuity in your own way, these Targetprocess features can be used individually or in conjunction to create a bespoke idea management platform for your organization.

Apptio TP Integrations
Apptio Targetprocess Integrations

Service Desk

Use Service Desk as a standalone application or link ideas to work items in Apptio Targetprocess and seamlessly elevate approved ideas to Epics, Features or User Stories.

An idea, suggestion or feedback in Service Desk is known as a request. Invite staff, clients and/or customers to make requests at any time and you’ll see an inflow of new ideas begin to develop. To maximize creativity and innovation, you can allow anyone to make a request via your Service Desk – they won’t need a Targetprocess license.

Ideas into Work Items

When you want to action ideas, connecting them to an Apptio Targetprocess Work Item is easy. You can create a new Work Item directly from an idea. Alternatively, you can convert an idea into an alternative Work Item as the development process evolves.

Once an item is created or converted, it forms part of your workflows in Apptio Targetprocess. Assign Developers, set Objectives, identify Key Results and start turning your ideas into products and features.

Apptio TP Idea Dashboard
Apptio Targetprocess' Idea Dashboard

Idea Dashboard

For Product Managers and personnel, having easy access to ideas, suggestions and feedback ensures nothing is missed and simplifies in-house processes. Our Idea Dashboard gives you access to all the information you need, at a glance.

Monitor incoming ideas, identify the source of suggestions, observe lead times and assess related Work Items from one, visual dashboard.

Idea Kanban Board

For lean organizations, Kanban boards provide an efficient method of managing tasks and the concept can play a role in your idea management too. Automate Kanban card creation from Service Desk to ensure that every request is added to your workflow or adjust the settings so that only approved ideas make it on to your board.

As ideas move from ‘Possibilities’ to ‘In Progress’ and, finally, ‘Done’, you can manage development from one, central board, visualize workflows and turn innovation into success.

ideas management20 1 - Ideas Management - Apptio
Idea Management Kanban Board

Turn Ideas into Achievement

No matter what industry you operate in or what your commercial goals are, your success relies on ideas, ingenuity and innovation. With Apptio Targetprocess’ idea management solutions, you can increase ingenuity within your organization, collate and enhance new ideas, review suggestions, invite feedback, add product value, elevate ideas to your roadmaps or send them back to the drawing board.

Request a demo and see how Apptio Targetprocess can help you accurately plan, track, and forecast investments for agile or hybrid delivery.

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