Evolving IT Service and Financial Management with Apptio and ServiceNow

A joint approach to managing the work and business of IT

ServiceNow and Apptio build cost models that update at the speed of your business


  • Align IT costs & consumption to prioritize work & budgets
  • Leverage manageable app views to empower lifecycle decisions
  • Identify modernization approaches, that consider cost, risk, and impact
  • Link IT consumption to business units, aligning usage to cost & value

The new IT operating model requires an evolution of both strategies and supporting technologies in IT Service Management and IT Financial Management disciplines, respectively. To power these processes, organizations leverage ServiceNow and Apptio.

ServiceNow provides platform intelligence, workflow management, and Single Source of Action that enables them to streamline and manage the work of IT. CIOs also look to Apptio to communicate the cost, quality, and value of IT investments. Together, we build an intelligent model of your technology investments that updates itself at the speed of the changes in your business, allowing you to make data-driven decisions to accelerate your objectives.

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ServiceNowApptio - ServiceNow Partner Detail - Apptio
  • Auto-Discovery
    Leverage ServiceNow to automatically identify infrastructure, applications, and services deployed across your environment
  • Consumption-Based Allocations
    Use relationship and operational data to build a cost model in Apptio based on actual usage
  • Defensible TCO
    Detail application and service TCO in Apptio or native ServiceNow dashboards to facilitate better business conversations and drive showback/chargeback scenarios

Operational Excellence

Healthy service-view CMDBs provide a contextual view of the infrastructure and operations required to run a business. Associating cost and consumption with applications and services help infrastructure and operations professionals prioritize work, plan budgets, and understand the business critically.

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screenshot Application Rationalization - ServiceNow Partner Detail - Apptio

Application Rationalization

Prioritizing application areas based on business-fitness, known problems, and costs splits application  rationalization efforts into manageable pieces. These views of the portfolio empower application owners to make informed life cycle decisions and measure fitness using a common language and shared understanding.

Modernization and Cloud Migration

To meet new demands for applications while supporting and delivering applications in the existing portfolio, application leaders must look to modernization approaches, taking into consideration factors such as purpose, cost, risk, and impact to the business.

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screenshot Cost Recovery Value Demonstration - ServiceNow Partner Detail - Apptio

Cost Recovery and Value Demonstration

Organizations can never stop hunting for ways to create efficiencies that free up costs to fund innovation or reduce expenses. To really tap into cost savings, organizations need sophisticated cost recovery strategies. By tying consumption of IT services to business units, organizations align IT usage to costs and the value received.


of Fortune 100 organizations integrate ServiceNow and Apptio to drive collaboration decision making around their application and service portfolios.

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