Talking Talent in FinOps Part 2

Nathan Besh and Ashley Hromatko discuss what careers in FinOps look like what skills are necessary to be successful.

With the demand for FinOps talent and the strategies to fulfill the requirements of an organization explored, it’s what a career in FinOps looks like next. @Nathan Besh and @Ashley Hromatko, in the second part of episode 10 of FinOps Fridays, discuss:

  • How people can get into FinOps
  • What career development looks like
  • How promising a FinOps career is from a Diversity & Inclusion perspective

And more.

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FinOps Fridays
Talking Talent in FinOps Part 2



Nathan Besh

Technical Evangelist

Ashley Hromatko

Director of Business Development & Chief of Staff
FinOps Foundation