Global Perspective – FinOps in Brazil’s Public Sector Part 2

Nathan Besh and Thiago Gil explore how FinOps can solve Brazil’s increasing labor costs, the need for innovation in the public sector, and more.

In part 2, Nathan and Thiago Gil delve further into the challenges and opportunities Brazil’s history and culture have for FinOps and how it helped:

  • Address the surging labor costs that have made hiring difficult
  • Work on the lack of tech vendors and innovation in the public sector
  • Tackle budgeting constraints rising from high inflation and frequent movement in the currency value leading to the varying cost of the cloud
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FinOps Fridays
FinOps Fridays
Global Perspective – FinOps in Brazil's Public Sector Part 2



Nathan Besh

Technical Evangelist

Thiago Gil

Cloud Infrastructure Tech Lead - Government and Corporate
Golden Solutions