FinOps the Engineering Way Part 1

Nathan Besh and Dvir Mizrahi explore engineering-driven FinOps adoption in this FinOps Fridays episode

While FinOps adoption is typically driven by finance or management to better control cloud spend and make informed investment decisions, at Wix, the push came from engineering. Why? What did that achieve?

In the first part of this FinOps Fridays episode, Nathan Besh, Sr. Director, Product Management and Technical Evangelism at Apptio, and Dvir Mizrahi, Head of Financial Engineering at Wix, discuss:

  • Wix’s unique approach and the key drivers for FinOps adoption
  • Addressing the need for capability in the teams
  • Building competent operational processes around FinOps
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FinOps Fridays
FinOps Fridays
FinOps the Engineering Way Part 1



Nathan Besh

Technical Evangelist

Dvir Mizrahi

Head of Financial Engineering