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Join one of the fastest-growing IT companies in Krakow, and the coolest one for sure!

Make a real impact and thrive in a supportive, inclusive environment, where your voice really matters.

Our guiding principles

Ownership & Accountability

At Apptio Poland, you will own E2E delivery of products and features. You will need to understand the business, design the solution, write clean code, design and implement tests, think about maintenance. With great power comes great responsibility.

Collaboration & Transparency

To be successful, you need to talk – to understand requirements, validate the solution, learn from your peers, teach others, give feedback, let your team know there is a problem, build relationships, and make friends!


Continuous Improvement

We have a strong engineering culture, and we want you to push us to be better every day. So challenge the status quo, be active during the retrospective, propose improvements whenever you can. We hire the best to listen to them.

Technical Proficiency

It is not enough that you can use the latest JS framework. We require from our engineers a solid knowledge of computer science. We believe that with strong basics, a new language or framework is just another tool that you use to solve a specific problem.

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Apptio Poland is a special place on Krakow’s map of IT companies. We are still young but already at least mid-size. We grow fast, but we keep hiring standards from day one. At the beginning of 2021, Apptio Poland was barely an idea; today, we are a crucial engineering powerhouse for core Apptio products. Our teams are built around the concept of end-to-end ownership, where local product managers, engineering managers, and great developers take full accountability for delivering what Apptio customers are waiting for. We are professionals and friends, and we spend a lot of effort not only on writing quality code or supporting our customers but also on building strong relationships among us. The magical trio of ownership, amazing skills, and kindness make us special, make and unique. All of that in the center of the best city in Europe.

Michał Porzożyński
Apptio Poland Site Leader

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Customer Success

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Life @Apptio Poland

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We love to spend time together, not only at work but also after! We love to compete, especially in sport. Our get-togethers are always memorable and fun.

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We participate in various types of charity activities like Business Run and helping families through the Noble Box initiative. We genuinely like each other's company!

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Whether it's an in-office lunch, virtual trivia, or another memorable party, we think there is always time for fun times at Apptio Poland. We cherish time together and always have a lot of fun!

Apptio Poland voices

Our product & engineering teams

Our Office In Kraków

Our new office boasts a modern and comfortable environment designed to enhance your work experience. With a variety of high adjustable desks, and soft seating options, you can choose the perfect spot that suits your work style and promotes creativity and collaboration. We now have two spacious kitchens, equipped with everything you need to reheat your meals and recharge throughout the day with delicious coffee. Whether you prefer to read a book, meditate, or simply enjoy some quiet time, chillout areas are designed for your well-being. For music enthusiasts, we also have a dedicated music corner where you can plug in your favorite tunes and enjoy a musical break.

Apptio Poland in the News

On December 15. 2023, Apptio Poland Sp. z o.o. and IBM Polska Sp. z o.o. agreed the following merger plan:
W dniu 15 grudnia 2023 r., Apptio Poland Sp. z o.o. oraz IBM Polska Sp. z o.o. uzgodniły niniejszy plan połączenia:

Plan polaczenia IBM Polska i Apptio Poland