Make Better Data-Driven Decisions in Challenging Times

Apptio’s innovations improve business agility through deeper insights into technology spend and a clear understanding of business value.

Everyone is trying to make sense of this new age of volatility. Increased costs, labor shortages, supply-chain disruptions, and geopolitical events — your organization’s operations face multiple challenges.

While business and technology leaders cannot predict the future, they can prepare for it. You need to be able to drive organizational alignment with a shared vision and pivot to take advantage of new opportunities — all while doubling down on digital transformation to improve scalability and efficiency.

At the TBM Conference 2022, Apptio announced its latest innovations to enable organizations to make better data-driven decisions in these challenging times: closer collaboration across business and technology teams, faster re-planning to address changing markets, and more ways to optimize spend.

Apptio’s new innovations will increase your understanding of the business value of your investments and give you the agility to capitalize on market opportunities ahead of your competitors. It’s all part of our commitment to continually innovate so our customers in turn can stay innovative.

Deeper insights into your technology spend

You may have data about your technology spend and usage — but are you able to pull insights from it?

Apptio gives organizations multiple ways to view and analyze data – from organizing it into higher-level projects and products to exploring cost-savings drivers down to the resource level. These deeper insights deliver more accurate decision-making and faster troubleshooting.

Cloudability Rightsizing Explorer: Single pane of glass for your entire rightsizing opportunity

With actionable insights such as those provided by Cloudability’s rightsizing recommendations, you can achieve immediate and sustainable cost savings on cloud spend. A significant challenge in realizing this goal is the sheer scale of cloud, with a typical scenario having tens of thousands of cloud resources running concurrently.

Rightsizing Explorer can help solve the problem of “Where do I start?” In a single view, the user can explore the entire savings footprint with visibility across all clouds and services and with the ability to group and filter by application, team, or business unit. Why not start by actioning your biggest saving opportunities today?

Cloudability Rightsizing Screenshot

Cloudability container cost amortization: Apply the full cost of consumed reserved instances and savings plans

Reserved instances (RI) and savings plans (SP) are popular instruments for reducing the cost of virtual machines, the key cloud resources that back Kubernetes clusters. These commitment-based discounts are commonly purchased with an upfront component that is in effect a pre-payment for usage to come.

By switching to the amortized cost basis, users of the container cost allocation feature include the full cost of consumed RIs and SPs when analyzing clusters and splitting costs via namespace, services, and labels. Users can switch back the cash cost basis to represent what was actually charged in a given period.

Cloudability Container Cost Allocation Screenshot

Integrated Investment Planning (IIP): Inform future operational budget needs

Project and investment costs have an impact on future spend. To understand this impact, you need closer alignment between planning and management systems — without it, you have limited visibility and transparency into your ongoing financial commitments.

Integrated Investment Planning (IIP) gives IT organizations a deeper understanding of project and investment costs and their impact on current and future budgets. Project- and investment-related costs — such as internal and external labor, infrastructure, vendor, and other expenses — can be planned from a Build and Run perspective to provide a complete picture of project TCO while informing future operational budget needs.

Apptio BI storytelling and customizations: Organize, personalize, and contextualize your reports

Data alone cannot communicate insights. You must tell a personalized, engaging, and meaningful story to convey a message and drive action.

Apptio Business Insights (BI) Storytelling and Customizations organizes, personalizes, and provides context to your reports by allowing group visualizations into pages and tabs. Users can add text explanations and details in widget form alongside their data visualizations, including tables, KPIs, and tree maps.

Apptio BI Data Analysis Screenshot

Apptio BI interactivity enhancements: Collaborative and engaging data analysis

Static reports aren’t fit for tailored, dynamic storytelling. You need to be able to customize and shape reports to meet the needs of your audience.

Apptio BI Interactivity Enhancements adds a variety of features, including enhanced drilling capabilities, alternative measure pickers, and global time filtering — all to make analyzing data a more engaging and collaborative experience.

Apptio BI Financial Reporting Screenshot

Surface business value

Siloed and disparate data undermine collaboration across an organization, making it difficult to prioritize and measure the value of investments.

Apptio delivers a shared source of truth about technology investments across business, finance, and IT. Teams use insights presented in business terms that improve collaboration and alignment. This includes understanding how different workstreams deliver value and capture costs, measuring the impact of rightsizing efforts, and building and sharing dashboards and reports across teams.

Cloudability ROI tracking for rightsizing recommendations: Prioritize and track individual recommendations automatically

Most organizations have an extensive list of cloud resources they could optimize by rightsizing or terminating, but they miss optimization opportunities without an effective way to prioritize and validate savings.

Cloudability’s rightsizing ROI feature no longer requires integration with Jira. You can now prioritize and track individual recommendations automatically — based on your business rules — entirely within Cloudability. These recommendations allow users to assign ownership, change status, and track potential and realized savings. This helps our customers solve the number one FinOps challenge of “getting engineers to take action.”

Enabling annual budgeting across ApptioOne and Targetprocess

Aggressively scaled Agile practices can quickly create financial blind spots. Agile product teams often have limited visibility to non-labor costs such as support contracts, capitalized asset investments, or cloud services consumption. At the same time, CFOs and financial teams can lose visibility to Agile program costs due to the differences in estimating capacity and labor costs and capturing and capitalizing actuals. Effective Agile planning must eliminate these blind spots.

Apptio connects CFOs and financial teams to the Agile and project-to-product transformation through its integrated portfolio. This integration of ApptioOne and Targetprocess connects holistic financials. It delivers true value planning and value realization at each level of the Agile business from portfolio managers, product teams, and Agile development teams. By fully integrating Targetprocess and ApptioOne, Apptio has delivered the industry’s first holistic digital product value planning and realization solution. Business leaders can now conduct annual planning and set budgetary targets across operational run rates, Agile programs, and traditional projects.


Apptio & Targetprocess Expenses Screenshot

 Apptio & Targetprocess Portfolio Targets Screenshot

Apptio BI content library expansion: Faster time to value with added out-of-the-box resources

Not everyone knows how to create and organize compelling reports. Without those skills, teams may sink a lot of time into creating ad-hoc, non-standard reporting that doesn’t tell a story or deliver a call to action.

Apptio BI has expanded its content library to provide rapid time to value for users with added out-of-the-box resources. These include pre-populated reports that can be used as is, copied, and edited to fit a user’s needs.

Apptio BI Reports Screenshot

Increase business agility

Cloud spend can change from one second to the next. With that level of variability, it’s tough to measure the variance between budget and actuals. Building a defensible cloud consumption plan based on actuals in a manually updated spreadsheet is difficult.

Apptio’s innovations enable businesses to respond more quickly to changing market conditions. Apptio’s solutions accelerate your planning process, direct funding to your most important projects, and provide actionable direction regardless of your operating model.

Cloud Financial Planning: accurately forecast and track spend to increase cloud accountability

While there are many methods for estimating the costs of individual cloud resources, most plans for cloud deployments rely on manual spreadsheets that cannot run what-if scenarios.

Cloud Financial Planning, a new product available in Q1 2023, will enable you to accurately plan and forecast the costs of cloud deployments — reducing waste and getting greater control over spend. Machine learning-backed cloud deployment plans will allow you to adapt and remain flexible as the requirements and parameters of cloud-focused initiatives change. Cloud Financial Planning will provide a collaborative method for engaging stakeholders in the planning process and will automate the consolidation of budget inputs. Cloudability customers can register for the Beta today.

Apptio Budget Dashboard Screenshot

Targetprocess solution library enhancements: Increase agility and realize value faster

Enterprise Agile planning and management has many standards, frameworks, and methodologies. Most organizations use a mix of these, and teams must spend time configuring solutions for their needs — time they could dedicate to value creation instead.

The Targetprocess solutions library allows customers to rapidly deploy any mix of solutions, realizing faster time to value from their planning and management platform. The performance enhancements and improved accessibility delivered in this release allow Targetprocess customers to customize their deployments further, resulting in increased agility for the business.

Apptio Automation Rules Screenshot

Targetprocess Azure DevOps Integration: Connect Agile teams to programs, portfolios, and business priorities

Many Agile teams have a favored methodology and team-level toolset like Azure DevOps (ADO). Still, as Agile practices continue to scale, it isn’t easy to integrate different tools (and their data) while keeping Agile teams connected to programs, portfolios, and business priorities.

By investing in native integrations with popular Agile team tools like ADO, Targetprocess provides more reliable, real-time data synchronization and validation checks and reports.

Targetprocess Lean Budgeting Solution: Enhanced portfolio management capabilities

The need to act quickly and plan faster can undermine efforts to optimize resources and fairly allocate budgets. These challenges become more acute as an Agile portfolio grows and Agile practices scale out through the business.

Apptio continues to enhance portfolio management in Targetprocess across Agile programs and waterfall projects by introducing lean-budgeting mechanisms, including participatory budgeting, designation of guardrails, and horizon planning. The Lean Portfolio Budgeting solution for Targetprocess provides portfolio managers with the capabilities to apply industry best practices to optimize the portfolio continuously. This release further enhances the strong Agile financials, Hybrid PMO, and portfolio management capabilities of Targetprocess.

Apptio Targetprocess Portfolio Dashboard


Irrespective of the economy, organizations must make decisions every day. But in this harsh economic climate, you must be quick (and confident) in your decisions. When insights are scarce and data is impenetrable, an organization’s decisions become more cautious and risk-averse — the exact opposite of what you need to improve business agility.