Apptio and LeanIX: Data-driven Investment Decisions with Visibility into Total IT Costs, Complexity, and Fit

The integration between LeanIX’s Enterprise Architecture planning technology and Apptio’s Technology Business Management (TBM) software provides up-to-date financial information to power data-driven IT investment decisions. Armed with this information, Enterprise Architects and other enterprise stakeholders make more informed tradeoffs regarding application portfolio management, application rationalization, cloud migration planning, and technology risk management.

Automating IT cost analysis through integration

Factoring in cost to help make IT investment decisions is a standard practice and is generally done through a manual and time-consuming process. Users typically extract data from systems and leverage spreadsheets to conduct the final analysis which inform recommendations and actions. The value of this new integration is in automating this previously manual process. Automation can improve operational efficiency by providing everyone, across IT (including enterprise architecture team) and key stakeholders, with the same source of truth of combined data in their respective systems. This helps to justify application rationalization cloud migration and vendor strategies.

LeanIX will deliver an ‘out-of-the-box’ product integration with Apptio during EA Connect Day on May 20, 2020. This base integration allows enterprises using LeanIX and Apptio to send enterprise architecture centric data into Apptio to support cost calculation and allocations. Later in the year, LeanIX will deliver an advanced ‘out-of-the-box’ product integration, where high level cost metrics for all relevant IT architecture data like applications, business capabilities or IT components will be synchronized to LeanIX. This will allow customers to eliminate the manual maintenance of data and to better explore cost implications within enterprise architecture projects such as application rationalization exercises and cloud migration scenarios.

Case Study: Managing EA digital transformation without a centralized data repository

With operations spanning three continents, Caesars Entertainment is the most geographically diversified casino-entertainment company in the world.

Caesars has grown through expansions and acquisitions. To maintain that growth in recent years, it was key for the company to meet the changing demands of their guests through aggressive digital transformation.

With LeanIX as its system of record for application portfolio management, Caesars has a centralized, transparent data repository covering their entire IT landscape.  Caesars’ decision makers streamline digitization efforts that have a direct impact on customer experience, and consequently revenues.

By syncing their LeanIX data with Apptio, IT leaders eliminate the manual effort and ensure a continuum of accurate data that matches the technology business management (TBM) taxonomy. This ultimately allows for easy visualization, tracking, and reporting of application costs as they relate to business functions.

If you’d like to hear more from Caesars and other leading organizations on how re-forecasting IT spend and IT cost optimization helps meet the challenges of economic uncertainty that has brought the most challenging environment for CIOs since the Great Recession, watch this on-demand webinar now.