Apptio + Coupa

Shine a light on ungoverned technology spend

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Cloud and SaaS delivery models have democratized technology acquisition. Business units are no longer tethered to IT and can spend directly with external technology providers. This freedom enables speed and agility, but it can also decrease efficiency and increase business risk. Finance and IT organizations need oversight on technology spend, not just in IT, but among all business units.

Solutions and benefits

Together, Coupa BSM and Apptio TBM enable you to govern technology spend across the entire organization.

Accurately classify

technology spend from inception, instead of after the fact.


ungoverned technology spend across all cost centers and departments.


redundancies and waste to ensure every dollar spent aligns to business value.


a more detailed view of IT spend compared to the General Ledger.


budgeting, forecasting, and variance reporting for technology spend.

How it works

Apptio integrates through CoupaLink to tie its industry-standard IT cost model (ATUM®) into the Coupa BSM Platform and provide a framework to accurately categorize and assign technology spend. When new purchase orders are entered into Coupa, users categorize them against Apptio’s IT costing taxonomy. Later, when Apptio ingests the General Ledger entries covering the PO spend, the categorization is used to automatically route the spend through the IT cost model.

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