Technology Financial Management Solutions

Establish repeatable and accurate planning, budgeting, and forecasting processes while benchmarking against peers for continuous optimization.

IT Financial Management

IT financial management (ITFM) is a framework that consists of the processes and tools necessary to provide IT leaders with the key capabilities to effectively account for, manage, and analyze IT costs and communicate their value to the business.

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Developed through our experience with over 1800 customers and our role as the Technology Advisor to the Technology Business Management (TBM) Council, the Apptio TBM Unified Model (ATUM) modernizes your technology decision-making by aligning technology investments to business outcomes. It specifies how to carry cost data from corporate finance with operational data to produce granular, actionable technology cost analytics.

Make the Most of Your Tech Budget with ApptioOne


Analyze. Optimize. Plan.

Create a unified model that combines financial and operational data.

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ApptioOne Plus

Accelerate business strategies

Accelerate business strategies by streamlining applications and operations and accelerating planning cycles.

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ApptioOne Demand

Simple, accurate, and transparent IT service planning

Accurately capture aggregated service demand in order to right-size resource planning and maximize investments.

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ApptioOne Billing

IT billing the business understands

Comprehensive service invoicing through common ERP solutions.

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ApptioOne Benchmarking

Compare your costs, know where you stand

 Self-service peer comparisons of your IT spend over time.

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ApptioOne helps get the insights you need to adjust to economic uncertainty, tightening budgets, and shifting priorities.

Solutions to Help Any IT Finance Role


Align with your CFO, demonstrate IT financial stewardship, and unlock funds for new initiatives.

IT Finance

Analyze, forecast, and report on the operational budget for the IT organization.

Infrastructure & Operations

Consolidate spending of IT infrastructure into easily sharable dashboards.

IT Procurement

Gain visibility into applications and services and improve alignment within your organization.


Get an unparalled level of data granularity, speed, and cross-functional collaboration.

Trusted by Leading IT Executives

Now, if they have a question about the budget, they just go into Apptio, and everything they need is there.
Today, Unilever supports a platform-based strategy, leveraging TBM and Apptio to align IT capabilities to enterprise strategy via cost transparency. Within 15 months, the IT team has established complete end-to-end ownership of services with clear visibility into costs.

Are You Ready to Discover the Business Value of Your Technology Investments?

With visibility comes value, and with  value comes an increased capacity to manage and plan.

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