Ein Ökosystem an TBM-Experten

Erfahren Sie, wie Sie mit dem führenden Unternehmen für Cloud-Software zusammenarbeiten können, um das IT-Betriebsmodell zu transformieren. Gemeinsam treiben wir den digitalen Wandel voran und verändern weltweit die Art und Weise, wie Unternehmen IT steuern.

Das Partnernetzwerk von Apptio umfasst führende Technologieunternehmen, Fachhändler und Managed Service Provider, die Beratung, Konfiguration, Implementierung und laufende Management-Services anbieten, um Geschäftsergebnisse über TBM zu erzielen.

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Unser globales Netzwerk an Beratungspartnern erleichtert die Lösung geschäftskritischer IT-Probleme und die Abstimmung des technischen Erfindungsreichtums auf die Unternehmensstrategie. Gemeinsam entwickeln wir hochgradig skalierbare, maßgeschneiderte Lösungen, die es Kunden ermöglichen, den Wertbeitrag der IT zu maximieren, die Migration in die Cloud zu erleichtern und die finanziellen Mittel von der Aufrechterhaltung des Betriebs zum Wachstum zu verlagern.


Services und Partner, mit denen Sie IT-Ausgaben richtig anpassen und die Ausgaben von der Aufrechterhaltung des Betriebs zum Wachstum verlagern können.

Die digitale Transformation vorantreiben

Partner, die Transformations-IT-Strategien entwickeln, entwerfen und implementieren, die auf Apptio-Lösungen basieren.

Managed Services

Geschulte und zertifizierte globale Unternehmen, die Apptio für Sie verwalten, bereitstellen und betreiben können, wenn Sie mit Transformationsinitiativen beginnen.


Visualisieren, optimieren und betreiben Sie Ihre Multi-Cloud- und Hybrid-Umgebung von einem Ort aus mit unserem gut konzipierten Framework. Apptio arbeitet mit führenden Anbietern von öffentlichen und privaten Cloud-Technologien zusammen, um Ihre gesamte Cloud-Investition zu verwalten.


Erhalten Sie umfassende Informationen über die Kosten und die Benchmark-Leistung basierend auf den Systemen und Daten, die Sie bereits verwenden.


Ergreifen Sie die durch maschinelles Lernen empfohlenen Optimierungsmaßnahmen und verbessern Sie die RI-Abdeckung, um Initiativen für das Geschäftswachstum selbst zu finanzieren.


Verbessern Sie kontinuierlich den wirtschaftlichen Einsatz Ihrer bestehenden Cloud-Anbieter.


Apptio arbeitet mit führenden Software-, Hardware- und IT-Serviceanbietern zusammen, um Daten aus ihren Systemen zu integrieren und zu nutzen. So stellen wir sicher, dass unsere Kunden die besten Informationen über IT-Kosten- und Leistungsstrategien erhalten.


Die DataLink-API-Integrationsplattform von Apptio unterstützt ein Ökosystem von verbundenen Systemen in der gesamten IT.

Gemeinsame Lösungen mit Mehrwert

Partner definieren optimierte Geschäftsprozesse, die über Apptio Datalink integriert wurden.

Verbesserung der Datenqualität

Mit integrierten Lösungen können Kunden Apptio schneller implementieren und eine schnellere Wertschöpfung erzielen.

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Connecting Worldwide

High Performance. Delivered.

Climb With Confidence. As You Summit the Digital Transformation Mountain

The Premier TBM Services Company.

Agile Rising provides consulting, coaching, and training to organizations embracing enterprise-scale Agile, DevSecOps, and Business Agility, as well as Technology Business Management transformations.

A project management consulting company offering Agile certification training, enterprise transformation, scaling and DevOps solutions

Agility in Mind is a leading business agility transformation consultancy helping organizations to address the threats and opportunities that today’s competitive world brings.

We provide coaching, transformation, and training services that can help your organization achieve their goals of becoming more adaptable and predictable.

Leadership, Action, Results

amasol AG is specialized in IT Management and Monitoring. We support companies in visualizing the performance of their IT services in terms of costs and quality.

Cloudability is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner and available on AWS Marketplace.

Your trusted Targetprocess implementation partner on the road to Business Agility.

Providing expert services in Technology Business Management, FinOps, Cost Optimisation, Technology Transformation, Programme and Project Management, Cyber Security & Risk.

We specialize in IT infrastructure and use our expertise to shape an even better Norway.

Create Jira issues from our rightsizing recommendations to take immediate action on the highest savings opportunities.

Getting work done should be less about Excel and more about execution!

With this integration, manage True Cost Cloud Financials, have cost visibility, and optimize their utilization and spend.

Achieve the extraordinary

Run Your Business as You Reinvent It

Configuration experts that specialize in large Apptio Environments and complex Use Cases, with an emphasis on usability, adoption and Apptio plugins.

People matter, results count

Business Wellness. Our Mission.

Make Work Flow

centros de ingenieria de software

A Platform for the Future of Work

ClearEdge enables CIOs and their teams to make more competitive IT investments.

Utilize public cloud with confidence in critical business asset protection using layered security and compliance functions.​

Using the power of AI and Narrow AI to provide our clients with an exceptional experience to transition them to the cloud.

Spend Smarter

Driving transformations and redefining how work gets done through Agile, Product, and Technology.

Patent-pending AI/ML technology that transforms & categorizes IT spend data in accordance with the Technology Business Management Taxonomy, creating a real-time decision-making tool.

Bring DataDog’s infrastructure utilization metrics into Cloudability to produce precise rightsizing recommendations.

Plan. Prioritize. Allocate.

Welcome to your digital future. Let’s make it real.

We support companies with advanced communication and information technology to adapt their business models and operational processes to the digitalized, globalized economy.

Devoteam delivers Innovative Technology Consulting for Business.

Enabling digital strategy

We work with top executives of IT organizations to help them position, transform and optimize their IT organizations.

Global IT Services and Solutions Leader

We build your value driven IT Management & Decisioning Platform.

Transform Service. Delight Customers.

Powerful solutions for a complex world

We are the first European consultancy focusing purely on Technology Business Management (TBM).

Transforming Business

Inform IT. Transform IT.

Monitor, manage and optimize your GCP costs so you can leverage the cloud as a competitive differentiator.

Technology innovation that fosters business transformation.

Provides coaching and training in SAFe®, DevOps, OKRs Implementation, Lean Portfolio Management and Business Agility

TBM from Strategy to Implementation: Based on our 20 years of experience and best practices we define TBM roadmaps and implement TBM and Apptio for our customers

Powered by Intellect, Driven by Values

Imagine Your Future

TBM consultants with a no-nonsense mentality. Experts in IT, finance and operations.

Depth. Rigour. Results.

Accelerating our Clients' Transformations

Cutting Through Complexity

Real-time overviews of your IT Landscape and Business Capabilities to transform productivity

We drive enterprise change

Powering Progress and the Promise of 4IR

Mamami is a group with one very clear goal: to solve business problems by designing new or redesigning existing software for start ups, SME's and enterprise businesses.

A professional services firm that helps Fortune 2000 companies transform into technology-enabled businesses.

Redesign des Meta-Systems für Arbeit

Empowering others

Managing Data Securely

NANGA SYSTEMS is your partner for digital transformation. As independent consultants, an extensive project and tool knowledge is at our disposal. We thrive on team spirit and a "can-do" environment!

Building software that people love to use.

IT advisory, development and outsourcing

Real Experts, Real Data, Real Savings

Transform the way projects are delivered through cloud computing by adopting DevOps practices in collaborative environments.

Integrated Cloud Applications & Platform Services

Bringing Ingenuity to Life

Take action for cloud spend billing anomalies detected in real-time. Optimize cloud spend unit economics.

Do The Can’t Be Done

pfsTECH is an IT consulting firm part of pfsGROUP focused on efficient transformation. We offer a full range of digital consultancy, technology and outsourcing services with an agile and flexible approach working closely with our clients in different sectors to generate added value by aligning business strategies, processes and new technologies.

Run Lean. Scale Agile. Transform on your terms.

Driven by Innovative Procurement

The open cloud company

Let Rego be Your Guide.

Reply specialises in the design and implementation of solutions based on new communication channels and digital media.

Know Your Data.

Run simple

Guiding the Lean Enterprise - Everything needed to plan, prepare, and execute a successful Lean-Agile transformation

Enterprise agile and digital transformation

Confidence in Software

Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery

We make the world of work, work better for people.

SiloSmashers propels organizations to break through barriers to achieve top efficiency.

Redefine what's possible

The Business Technology Company.

Delivering Transformation. Together

Increase your chance on success with Lean-Agile product development

Enhance your present, Inspire your future

Changing the way you think about data

Helping enterprises slash cloud infrastructure costs using market-leading optimisation strategies, services and technology

We are here to optimise your cloud

Change your thinking. Ascend to the next level in IT

Let's own change together.

Let’s shape tomorrow, together

Cloud Cost Management

Leading international consultancy firm that specializes in portfolio, program and project management services.

IT Cost Transformation for Financial Services

Migrate workloads to the cloud, identifying the best candidates, forecasting their cost, and managing ongoing optimizations.

Our partnership with Twistlock brings you best in class solutions for Kubernetes clusters.​

Possible – Probable – Done

The Positive Way

Beyond the obvious

Applying Thought

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Apptio-Partner erhalten Zugriff auf Produktressourcen, autorisierte Schulungsprogramme und unsere Datalink-API-Integrationsplattform. Reichen Sie einen Registrierungsantrag ein, um Partner zu werden. Es können Gebühren anfallen. Nachdem Ihre Registrierung genehmigt wurde, erhalten Sie eine Begrüßungs-E-Mail mit Anweisungen zur Anmeldung beim Apptio Partner Portal. Sie können dann alle verfügbaren Tools und Ressourcen nutzen.