5 TBMC21 Sessions Agile Leaders Should Attend

Accelerate your agile transformation to keep up with the demands of new development.

2020 accelerated a new normal that was inevitable, and technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Today, many organizations scaling agile face challenges as they move from projects to products. As the number of teams and products grow and the pace of development increases, it gets harder to ensure that individual teams understand which items to work on in each sprint.

If you’re facing similar challenges at your organization, join us at this year’s Technology Business Management (TBM) Conference, hosted virtually October 11-13. The conference will feature standout keynotes, breakout sessions, and live discussion roundtables that will provide you with insights on effectively accelerating your company’s agile transformation. Here are a few of the sessions specifically developed for Agile PMOs, Agile leaders, and practitioners:



1. Better Together: Apptio + Targetprocess

Scott Chancellor Photo - 5 TBMC21 Sessions Agile Leaders Should Attend - Apptio

Scott Chancellor

Chief Product & Technology Officer

Technology leaders struggle to reliably understand the ROI of developing new products and projects. This is difficult because work management and financial management systems are discrete, disconnected systems. As a result, it’s challenging to highlight the business value of those investments and stay on budget. In this session, Scott Chancellor will dive into the role of TBM in agile transformation and how bridging the gap between finance and execution improves organizational alignment and accelerates business outcomes.


Breakout Sessions

2. Adopting Agile and Cloud to Re-Platform the Business

Konstantin Popov - 5 TBMC21 Sessions Agile Leaders Should Attend - Apptio

Konstantin Popov

Managing Director and
Digital Transformation Consultant

Rochelle Tan 1 - 5 TBMC21 Sessions Agile Leaders Should Attend - Apptio

Rochelle Tan

Solution Train Engineer

In this session, Rochelle Tan and Konstantin Popov will talk about the changes their teams at Chevron made to enable their agile and cloud transformation. These changes include their shift in tools that empower agile work across large teams and teams of teams, enabling a more portfolio-centric approach to managing investments, outcomes, and value.

3. What’s New: The Future of Digital Transformation with Apptio Targetprocess

andrey mihailenko - 5 TBMC21 Sessions Agile Leaders Should Attend - Apptio

Andrey Mihailenko

VP, Product and Engineering,

eugene khasenevich - 5 TBMC21 Sessions Agile Leaders Should Attend - Apptio

Eugene Khasenevich

Deputy Director, Product Management

Targetprocess is a software platform for work and portfolio management that facilitates enterprise agility at all levels by enabling both business and IT teams to work in one holistic solution. Hear from the founders of Targetprocess about where enterprise agile management is headed and get a sneak peek into the emerging use cases that enterprises are facing.

4. Supporting a Bimodal Practice of Waterfall and Agile

Jill buhrfiend - 5 TBMC21 Sessions Agile Leaders Should Attend - Apptio

Jill Buhrfiend

Solutions Consultant

In this session, you’ll see how Apptio Targetprocess can bring together traditional waterfall projects with agile product delivery to provide a unified view into all workflows. You’ll discover how Targetprocess can support your transition to a scaled agile practice while continuing to keep the waterfall projects going.


Live discussion

5. TBM-for-AGILE: Projects to Products & Managing an Agile Investment Portfolio

In this live, interactive session, attendees will participate in small roundtable discussions in which they will share how they are using TBM to optimize their investments as they shift from traditional (e.g., waterfall) to agile development models. Challenges that may be discussed include finding effective means to fund across your project-based or value stream portfolios, gaining financial visibility into those portfolios over time, creating accountability for both the development and run costs of your portfolio, and both tracking and ensuring value from your investments. Be sure to secure your seat for the virtual live discussion when you register for TBM Conference 2021. There will be discussions hosted on October 11 and 12.

If you want more information about why you should attend this can’t-miss event, check out my blog post about six reasons to attend TBMC21.

I hope to see you there (virtually)!

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