4 Sessions Agile Leaders Must Attend at TBM Conference 2022

Learn from organizations with a product focus on innovation and speed to market.

The 2022 Technology Business Management Conference (TBMC), hosted by Apptio in partnership with the TBM Council, will highlight how business and technology executives as well as financial teams are embracing Enterprise Agile practices — all to win the digital race.

Our 10th annual conference will occur in Austin, Texas, November 7-10 and virtually November 15-16. Register today and prepare to join the conversation with more than 2,600 of your global peers on what it means to deliver TBM excellence. You’ll hear directly from high-performing peers spanning across industries who are freeing themselves from legacy business models, accelerating their project-to-product transition, and connecting strategy to execution through Enterprise Agile and TBM.

At TBMC, you’ll learn:

  • Finance-driven Enterprise Agile
  • Case studies in Agile resource management
  • Managing Agile & hybrid portfolios with TBM
  • Best practices for PI Planning, and accelerating SAFe adoption

And much more.

TBMC 2022 has a packed four-day schedule of keynotes, breakout sessions, and workgroups. Moreover, this year’s event marks the 10th anniversary of the TBM Council Awards, which recognizes the most significant achievements using TBM disciplines, tools, data, and processes from around the globe. This year’s 29 award finalists and eight award winners will be featured throughout the conference in keynotes, on-demand sessions, and our coveted awards ceremony.

With so much happening at TBMC, we wanted to call out the key sessions Agile PMO members like yourself do not want to miss.

1. Breakout: The Struggle is Real: Moving from Project to Product

Today’s agricultural revolution is digital, and John Deere focuses on unlocking customer value with the Smart Industrial strategy. In this keynote, hear from John Deere TBM Product Manager Carollyn Gehrke on using TBM to help accelerate the transformation of an IT cost center to a dynamic digital product investment model.

You’ll hear how her product team enables digital product leadership to make informed decisions about product investments with transparency to product-aligned resources and applications — shifting the conversation from portfolio investments to one about persistent teams and resources for the lifespan of digital products.

2. Keynote: Embed Innovation Into Everyone’s DNA (Mon, Nov. 7)

None of us are going back to “Business as Usual”, and the secret sauce to success lies in the culture you create at work. But innovation is not something that happens by chance. It’s the result of building an environment in which it can thrive, and you have to give people a set of tools that you may use every day to grow.

Disney’s former Head of Innovation and Creativity Duncan Wardle will share how success in his career has been a direct reflection of his ability to create a culture where everyone on his teams was put in a position to let their inner creativity run wild.

3. Breakout: Resource & Financial Planning in Agile Hybrid Organizations

This panel discussion with partner Rego Consulting and Apptio Customer Success leaders dives into the opportunities, challenges, and lessons learned from a real-world customer success story focused on next-generation resource management.

4. Breakout: Portfolio Budgeting in Targetprocess

Join Apptio’s Director of Customer Success Olga Ikhelis, who will take attendees through the many capabilities of Portfolio Budgeting on the Targetprocess platform, alignment to OKRs, as well as demand and capacity planning. You’ll even see her walk-through scenarios for quickly re-aligning portfolios to changing business strategies.

With 50 global speakers and 75 sessions, TBMC is your opportunity to network with your Agile peers while still having access to TBMC virtual content for 60 days after the event. We look forward to seeing you in person and virtually at TBMC 2022.

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