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A Practical Guide to App Rationalization

A Practical Guide to App Rationalization

Stop counting licenses. Start defining business value. Watch the on-demand webinar.

New apps are procured without full visibility into ongoing run costs. Well-meant efforts to rationalize the app portfolio fall short because they’re hampered by fragile spreadsheets and rigid BI tools.

The result? Funds that could be used for innovation are unintentionally tied up in wasteful app spend.

To get out of this cycle, watch this webinar where we’ll provide practical guidance on how to:

  • Get started on Application Rationalization (AppRat) with your existing data
  • Use facts to cut through ambiguity and make defensible decisions
  • Gain buy-in from skeptical app owners and business partners
  • Measure results and show return on your efforts
  • Sustain gains with ongoing portfolio management
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Whether you need help analyzing the true cost of the cloud, optimizing your technology spend, or communicating IT's value to the business, Apptio can help.

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