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Debunking 5 IT Cost Transparency Myths

Debunking 5 IT Cost Transparency Myths

For those reluctant to start a cost transparency initiative, this executive brief separates the myths from the reality of using Apptio® Cost Transparency to manage the business of IT.

Download this brief to learn why you shouldn't let these common misconceptions delay your progress:

  • “My data isn’t good enough.”
  • “I don’t have the people or resources required to undertake TBM.”
  • “I have other, higher-priority projects that I need to focus on before I can start TBM.”
  • “I don’t know how to build a business case around TBM.”
  • “TBM is no different than the insights that I get from my current financial and IT systems.”
Debunking 5 IT Cost Transparency Myths

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Whether you need help analyzing the true cost of the cloud, optimizing your technology spend, or communicating IT's value to the business, Apptio can help.

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