The State and Local Government Tech Tightrope: COVID, CARES, and the Road Ahead

Optimizing revenue can be difficult while juggling between investing in technology innovation and cutting IT costs at the same time. Due to the global pandemic, the situation has been worse for state and local governments alike. Keeping this in mind, MeriTalk surveyed 100 IT decision-makers and 100 program managers from state and local government to understand the current situation of SLG leaders.

This infographic explains the need for modernization and investing in innovation by SLG IT leaders and CIOs to:

  • Optimize their investments with the help of IT Financial management tools
  • Deliver quality products and services while balancing revenue constraints
  • Gain visibility and build a resilient future

Download the full SLG Tech Tightrope report now to learn more about the changing priorities of IT investment and how industry partners can best support SLG progress.