Realising Value on your Journey to Cloud

Cloud adoption is no longer a matter of “why” but of “when”, with Forrester predicting that organizations are expected to be running up to 75% of their workloads in the cloud by 2022, in search for scale, elasticity and business agility.

However, this rush to the cloud can often be delayed by cost overruns, I&O leaders missing a unified view of their on-premises costs and CIOs and CFOs lacking visibility into progress of their cloud migration strategy.

During this exclusive discussion guest speakers from Forrester and Thebes Cloud Management will share actionable insights on cloud migration and financial management, such as:

  • How to predict risk, avoid unexpected expenses and accelerate time to business value by building certainty in your migration plan
  • How to track progress and costs against plan, and create accountability to stay on time and within budget
  • Financial management practices, tooling and skills needed to effectively measure and right size multicloud and SaaS spend and usage across your entire organization.


  • Mallory Beaudreau, EMEA Customer Portfolio Manager for Cloud, Apptio
  • Bill Martorelli, Principal Analyst, Forrester
  • Jez Back, Consulting Director, Thebes cloud management

「Cloudability in Action」をぜひご参照ください。

Apptio Cloudabilityは、クラウドリソースを最適化し、請求書とタグをインサイトに変換して、リアルタイムでの消費の明確化とアカウンタビリティを提供します。