How Transparency in Technology Spending Can Drive Business Value

On June 24, in a live, interactive Harvard Business Review – Analytic Services (HBR-AS) webinar, Alex Clemente and Abbie Lundberg shared the results of a recent HBR-AS pulse survey about visibility into how technology spending drives business value.

This was followed by a panel discussion about the importance of visibility into technology spending and business value featuring three experts on digital transformation: RJ Hazra, Senior VP and CFO of Equifax Global Security and Technology; Mark Schwartz, enterprise strategist at AWS; and Sunny Gupta, co-founder and CEO of Apptio.

They shared their perspectives on the survey results and discussed:

  • How the pandemic has affected technology budgets
  • Why companies often lack visibility into how technology spending drives business value
  • What organizations can do to improve data for business decisions
  • How companies can improve their trust in data about technology spending, decision- making, and business value


クラウドの真の価値を分析する必要がある場合でも、テクノロジー コストの最適化やビジネスにおける IT の価値を伝える必要がある場合でも、Apptio がお手伝いします。