How Humana Conquered Cloud Cost with FinOps

Humana began implementing a FinOps strategy with a team of three with the initial goal of automating and optimizing the organization’s cloud spend. From those humble beginnings, the program has quickly expanded in scope and evolved into the driving force behind the company-wide digital transformation to the cloud. Their work has not only become the foundational support for the overall business needs of the organization but also influenced a transformation in culture, workflow, and department operations that will ensure Humana stays at the forefront of their industry and able to fulfill their mission of making healthcare accessible to all.

Join Jared Artz (Cloud Technology Leader) and Patrick Gray (Senior Infrastructure Capacity Management Engineer) as they host an in-depth discussion around the past, present, and future of FinOps at Humana.

Also get to an understanding of the Apptio Cloudability solution and its key features from a FinOps (Financial Operations) perspective.

「Cloudability in Action」をぜひご参照ください。

Apptio Cloudabilityは、クラウドリソースを最適化し、請求書とタグをインサイトに変換して、リアルタイムでの消費の明確化とアカウンタビリティを提供します。