Federal IT Spend Solution Datasheet

Align resources. Reduce risk. Maximize mission objectives. Download the solution datasheet.

Duplication and waste put Agency and Mission Owners at risk as dollars initially obligated may go unspent or are redirected to initiatives that are misaligned to mission priorities.

Learn how the Apptio Solution for Federal IT Spend helps agencies:

  • Increase accountability for IT spend
  • Spend smarter and fund innovation
  • Make informed decisions by proactively managing IT costs and trends
  • Demonstrate IT value by aligning project resources to mission priorities
  • Automate the recovery of IT service consumption
  • Deliver a user-friendly bill of IT


クラウドの真の価値を分析する必要がある場合でも、テクノロジー コストの最適化やビジネスにおける IT の価値を伝える必要がある場合でも、Apptio がお手伝いします。