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A Standardized Model for IT Derived from 200+ Customers & the TBM Council

The Apptio TBM Unified Model™ (ATUM™) is a core capability of Apptio’s applications. It is a standard model that describes what costs to measure, how to measure them, and what data is needed to do so. It is the foundational element of TBM and is based on Apptio's experience with over 200 implementations. It is Apptio’s recommended starting point for most companies.


Guidance to Integrate the Right Finance and Operations Data and Normalize it into Expected Structures
  • Specifies required and recommended data
  • Pointers to source systems with correct data
  • Guidance for unifying multiple sources of the same data


Organizes Finance Data into Common IT Categories of Towers, Sub-Towers, and Cost Pools
  • Cost Pools: common terminology for Finance & IT
  • Towers: technical structures familiar to IT
  • Aligned with Apptio IT Benchmarking methodology

Cost Model

Guidance for Mapping and Calculating Costs for IT Towers, Sub-Towers, and Cost Pools
  • Methods for apportioning cost pools to IT sub-towers
  • Aligned with Apptio IT Benchmarking methodology
  • Granular enough to drive action by IT tower owners