IT Cost and Resource Planning

Budget for your services, technology towers and projects and translate budgeted amounts into general ledger and cost center figures with ease. Collaborate internally and with business leaders to define resource and funding requirements to support business objectives. Enable your IT budget owners, decision makers, and finance to calculate and manage your services-based unit demand with your budget and forecast.


Apptio Budget and Forecast

Apptio Budget and Forecast gives you and your budget owners an automated budget consolidation system to save time, reduce the financial planning churn, and get you out of the spreadsheet nightmare that can bog you down.

Apptio helps you bridge the gap between your general ledger (GL) views of budget and spending and the services view you need. Budget owners can directly enter line-item budgets in a spreadsheet-like interface, update forecasts, and track variances at the cost center, unit and IT service level.

Leveraging fully-loaded costs and consumption data from your Apptio cost model gives you the foundation for an effective demand plan. Both Finance and IT leaders can develop and report on a units-based budget, a key ingredient for aligning IT spending to your critical services and business priorities.

Capabilities and Value

  • Improve budget cycle efficiency with centralized budgeting, forecasting, and variance tracking across labor, operational expenses, and capital expenditures — annually and monthly.
  • Align spending to your business priorities by budgeting at the GL level and translating those amounts to your services portfolio and units. With accurate and timely budget-to-actual and budget-to-forecast reporting, your IT and business leaders can quickly respond to variances.
  • Increase collaboration and accuracy with budget variance alerts, interactive real-time views into variances, and the ability to comment on budget and forecast line items and help your budget owners and finance teams to stay aligned.
  • Automate financial reporting by tracking budgets vs. actuals vs. forecast over time through integrated financial reporting.
  • Simplify your planning conversation: by budgeting for IT services and providing your business units a way to discuss and inform IT budgets before they are locked.

Why Apptio?

Our application give you advantages that other approaches cannot:

Enterprise-class Solution

Unlike spreadsheets, Apptio IT Planning provides an enterprise scale solution for gathering input from your business partners and departments, provide near-instantaneous aggregation of budget and demand amounts, and streamline the planning process.

Proven Leadership

Apptio has been deployed by leading companies in every industry and on every continent, from medium-sized businesses to global enterprises. Not only is Apptio built to scale, we have the know-how to make you successful.

Flexible Approach

Apptio IT Planning works the way you need it to, not the other way around. With Apptio, you can automate many aspects of your current planning process. If needed, you can also evolve your planning process with Apptio.

Complete Coverage

Unlike many point solutions, Apptio IT Planning automates both your operating and capital budgeting process, covering everything from software and hardware to services and labor.

Built for Imperfect Data

Unlike many repurposed technologies that require perfect data, Apptio IT Planning was built to consume and improve raw, imperfect data.

Get Started Quickly

Improving how you perform your annual planning can be daunting, but Apptio can help you get started today.

"There is no way to be able to achieve what we're looking to achieve—which is to tie decision-making back to the information that exists inside of the company and to make better decisions on how we are going to deliver IT services—without Apptio."

John Donnarumma